Interview Question at Citibank

Interview Question at Citibank

Citibank is multinational bank and has been operating in India in 1902. The company started out from Kolkata. It has since then played a great role in the financial market in India. It is also a significant investor in the Indian financial market. Citibank has a broad range of financial products under its roof. It is a premium bank, and its customers and employees feel privileged to be a part of it.

In keeping with its high standards and reputation, the interview process is stringent with Citibank. There are several rounds in the entire selection process. The first round is a group discussion round. The second round is a quantitative aptitude round which is an online test consisting of three sections. These two rounds are followed by the interview. There can be more than one round of interview as well. There may be a post quantitative aptitude test as well sometimes, which also consists of three sections similar to the first test.

Interview question at Citibank

Below are few interview questions that will help you to prepare yourself to become a part of this prestigious bank.

Q1.Why do you want to join Citibank?
Q2. Why are you interested in banking industry?
Q3. Define your aspirations in financial industry in the simplest terms.
Q4.If you are from science background, you can be questioned about your shift from science to banking industry.
Q5. Banking industry is very dynamic and challenging. Do you think you are a fit for this kind of an industry?
Q6. What makes you think you are fit for this industry?
Q7. How do you think you can add value to Citibank?
Q8. Do you know about our financial products?
Q9. What do you think about our credit card?
Q10. What is KYC?
Q11. Is KYC important?
Q12. What does our credit card offer which is unique from others?
Q13. Where do you think banking industry will go 5 years down the line?
Q14. Tell us about the latest happening in banking industry?
Q15. What do you know about the European crisis?
Q16. What do you know about the subprime mortgage?
Q17. Why do you think people would prefer to bank with us?
Q18. How will you handle work pressure?
Q19. How do you prioritize your work?
Q20. How do you handle an angry customer?
Q21. Have you dealt with any angry customer before? What was the outcome?
Q22. How would you convince a customer who is adamant?
Q23. How long do you think it takes to convert a sale?
Q24. Do you think servicing is as important as selling? Why do you think so?
Q25. Give an instance when you went out of the way to help a customer.
Q26. You may be asked to sell something to show your selling and convincing abilities.
Q27.What steps will you take to be a responsible banker?
Q28. You will be challenged that you are not fit for the job. You need to justify your position in the company.
Q29. What makes you think you can survive competition at Citibank?
Q30. What do you know about Citibank work culture?
Q31. If your target was to sell 50 credits cards in a month, and you have sold only 20 till now with 10 days left for the month how you will complete your target?
Q32.Are you self driven?
Q33.What has been your best achievement till date?
Q34. Why do you think it is your best achievement?
Q35.You may be asked to solve some analytic problems or puzzles.
Q36. Are you open to relocation?

Interview Questions for Assistant Manager at Citi Bank

Q37.What do you know about CIPP and KYC?
Q38.How good are you at providing after sales services?
Q39.What kind of business opportunities do you think Citibank has now?
Q40.Are you a good team player?
Q41.Tell us something about du-diligence.
Q42.How do you think you should work towards meeting and exceeding targets once hired?
Q43.Do you have any idea about the ongoing competition in the banking industry?
Q44.Tell us something about closing sales.
Q45.Describe your experience in the Asset Based Finance Industry.

Interview Questions for Senior Analyst at Citi Bank

Q46.Tell us about M&A/equity valuations.
Q47.Describe your oral and written communication skills.
Q48.What kind of idea do you have about Accounting?
Q49.Tell us something about Corporate Finance.
Q50.Describe your acquaintance with Microsoft Office applications.

Interview Questions for Product Manager jobs at Citi Bank

Q51.Describe your presentation skills.
Q52.Do you have any idea about Citibanking value proposition?
Q53.Say something about Citi bank Junior Account.
Q54.Do you have any marketing background?
Q55.Give us your views on customer engagement.
Q56.How would you contribute to the development of sales enablers if we hire you?
Q57.Name the alternate channels which you can use for driving acquisition.
Q58.What do you have to tell us about your customer research skills?
Q59.Describe your innovation skills.
Q60.How keen are you on learning and acquiring new ideas?

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