Interview Questions for Civil Engineers


Q1 .What is modulus of elasticity?
Q2 .What do you know about fire resistance rating?
Q3 .Discuss what you know about soil analysis .
Q4 .What do you know about PCC?
Q5 .How can the specific gravity of cement be determined?
Q6 .What do you understand by rigging?
Q7 .What is tensile strength?
Q8 .Is there a difference between tensile strength and shear?
Q9 .What is the process of calculating absolute pressure?
Q10 .What is least count?
Q11 .Name America’s biggest dam .
Q12 .How can water pressure be maintained?
Q13 .What do you understand by ice dam sock?
Q14 .Explain what a projection line is .
Q15 .What is civil engineering?
Q16 .What are the reasons for which a building can collapse?
Q17 .Which is the largest concrete dam in the world?
Q18 .What do you understand by gravity flow?
Q19 .Tell us a few facts about concrete .
Q20 .How can we measure concrete?
Q21 .What do you know about braced excavation?
Q22 .What is marble’s tensile strength?
Q23 .What do you understand by civil status?
Q24 .What do you understand by horizontal mining?
Q25 .Why does a building need columns?
Q26 .What supports the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Q27 .How do siphons function?
Q28 .Why do railway tracks have distance between them?
Q29 .Name the tallest man-made structure in the planet .
Q30 .What do you understand by soil reinforcement?

Q31 .How can wind speed be converted into force?
Q32 .What is the process of building freeway bridges?
Q33 .Does water have a damaging effect on concrete?
Q34 .Is a hollow steel pipe stronger than a solid steel rod?
Q35 .Where is the world’s longest elevator located?
Q36 .What do you understand by a kip?
Q37 .By whom was the Sears Tower built?
Q38 .What are the latest advancements in the field of civil engineering?
Q39 .If we build a dam on the river Nile, what will be the advantages of it?
Q40 .What is average soil density?


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