Interview Questions for Club Mahindra

Interview Questions for Club Mahindra:

During the interview at Club Mahindra always be prepared for questions related to the businesses of Mahindra Holidays and Mahindra Group.  Go through their website and take notes if necessary.  You should also be ready with a good personal introduction, which is an opportunity to market yourself.  For managerial positions, you should prepare for a technical test, a personal round and other rounds.  For example, if you are applying for the sales manager's position, you are likely to be asked questions related to timeshare process, sales quality and manpower handing.  If you are applying for a chef’s position, you should prepare for an IQ test, technical test, personal round and other rounds as per the interview schedule.  The likely questions to be asked might be related to menu engineering, reason to leave your present job and trade test, which is a practical food trial.  Questions to be asked would be related to culinary/kitchen, personal questions, and questions related to industrial knowledge.

Likely Interview Questions

The general likely questions to be asked in Club Mahindra interviews are:
A. Tell me something about yourself?
B. Describe your previous experience in details.
C. What are your key achievements in your previous jobs?
D. What makes you switch to a new job?
E. Why do you want to work with Club Mahindra?
F. Why did you switch jobs so frequently? (If applicable) 

Questions related to sales jobs:

A. What are your strong points as a sales officer/manager?
B. How would you handle immense sales pressure?
C. Give me some statistical details of your previous achievements in sales.
D. Any extra-ordinary achievements in sales in your previous jobs?
E. Do you have any exposure to timeshare/leisure/holiday solutions sales?
F. In what way timeshare/holiday solutions sales is different from other types of sales jobs?
G. Suppose I am your prospect; try to sell me the Club Mahindra holiday package.
H. Who are the leading players in holiday solutions business in India?
I. What's the difference in approach while selling something to an ordinary customer and a high net worth client? 

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