Interview questions for CMC

Questions for the HR Round

Q1.Tell us about your qualifications.
Q2.Why do you want to work for CMC?
Q3.Are you comfortable relocating to another city or country?
Q4.Tell us about your work experiences.
Q5.How will your previous work experience(s) help you in the job profile offered to you?
Q6.What are the other qualifications you have other than your core education?
Q7.What specializations did you opt for in your engineering/MBA program? What made you choose them?
Q8.Tell us about your salary expectations.
Q9.What qualities do you possess that make you believe that you are the right candidate for this job?
Q10.Describe the strength you are most proud of, and worst weakness you are most ashamed of.
Q11.Why do you want to leave your previous job?
Q12.Tell us about your long term and short term goals.
Q13.Give us an example of you working in a team. What role did you play?
Q14.How would you describe your boss in your previous job, or company you did your internship in?
Q15.Have you applied to any other job in CMC or other companies?
Q16.What opportunities do you think you can get while working in CMC?
Q17.Give us reasons why we should hire you?
Q18.Explain why IT is a team work.
Q19.How many hours do you usually spend in front of a computer or laptop?
Q20.What is your favorite activity in front of the computer?
Q21.Which websites do you browse the most? Why?
Q22.What do you think about ‘change’? Do we need it or not?
Q23.What is more important to you: job satisfaction or money?
Q24.Which is your favorite IPL player? Why?

Questions for the Technical Round (for engineering positions)

Q1.What software do you have experience in?
Q2.Tell us the reason why dot (.) is used in .NET
Q3.What do you know about the Topological System?
Q4.Explain how Testing fits in the PDCA cycle
Q5.Describe the Workbench Concept.
Q6.Do you know the three boxes of testing? How would you differentiate between them?
Q7.How will you explain Cohabiting Software to a person who knows nothing about IT?
Q8.How will you categorize defects?
Q9.Why do we need both pilot and beta testing? What is the difference between them?
Q10.What basis will you use to prepare the acceptance plan?

Q11.Describe the relationship of test phases to environment reality.
Q12.What kind of software testing is ‘Verification’? Describe its types.
Q13.Which of the topics you studied in college you liked the most? Which of them did you hate? Why?
Q14.What programming languages are you conversant with?
Q15.What do you know about Platform Independence? Is JDM Platform Independent?
Q16.Define the Constant Variable in Java.
Q17.Which method accepts a String object array as argument? Tell us more about this method.
Q18.What is a Protected Method?
Q19.Define Abstract Class. What are its limitations?
Q20.What do you know about Polymorphism?
Q21.Can you cast a Double Value to a Byte Object? Explain.
Q22.Tell us about the Hierarchy in Java.
Q23.What do you know about object oriented programming? Tell us its basic concepts.
Q24.Can a Converting Constructor be declared with the Explicit Function Specifier? Explain.
Q25.On what conditions can you make Destructors private?
Q26.What do you know about the Vista, Windows 7 and 8 bugs?

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