Interview Questions at Cognizant

General interview Questions-Cognizant

Q1. Why do you want to work for Cognizant?
Q2. State the output of this program:
Void main()
char*st1[3]= { “Hello”, “World”, “Oracle”};
printf(“%s %s %s”, st1, st1[1],st2[2]);
getch ();
} a) Hello World Oracle
b) Garbage Garbage Oracle
c) Core Dump: cannot Print after freeing memory
d) oracle oracle oracle
Q3.What kind of expectations do you have from Cognizant?
Q4.What do you know about Routing Groups?
Q5.Which is the largest angle in a triangle, whose vertices are A(1,2), B(-2,-3) and C( 2,3)?
Q6.Mention all the steps required to create an algorithm.
Q7.A group of friends have gone out for dinner. They got a bill of INR 2400. As two of them have forgotten their purse, the remaining make an extra contribution of INR 100 to pay the bill. State the total number of friends in the group.
Q8.Tell us about the first steps that you will consider while analyzing a problem.
Q9.Find the greatest number which will divide 964, 1238, and 1400 giving a remainder of 41, 31 and 51 respectively.
a) 64
b) 71
c) 58
d) 69
Q10.Why do you think Cognizant should hire you? Also tell us why shouldn’t cognizant hire you?
Q11.A can swim and cross 50 meters in 2 min 15 seconds. B can swim and cross the same distance in 2 mins. A bell gong is struck every time these two meet. Find the total number of bell gongs to be produced for 2000 m.
Q12.What do you know about database? Share your knowledge about SDLC.
Q13.Find the cost price of a fan when the loss increases by 20% if the shopkeeper reduces the selling price to INR 380 from INR 400.
Q14.Tell us about your long term goals in life.
Q15.Tell us about SessionFactory in hibernate.
Q16.Two different trains running at a speed of 60km/hr come in the opposite direction. The distance between these two trains is 18 km at a particular time. A shuttle flies between these trains at the speed of 80km/hr. At that time the two trains crash. Find out the distance covered by the shuttle.
Q17.Convert the binary number:
(01011010)2 = (8)
Q18.In a town 65% people watched the news on TV. 40% read the newspaper; while 25% both watched television and read the newspaper. Find out the percentage of people who neither watched television nor read the newspaper.
Q19.State the difference between c and c++.
Q20.An event that did not take place in the year 1939 was:
a) The passing of Neutrality Act
b) Outbreak of war in Europe
c) Passing of Land-Lease Act
d) Invasion of Czechoslovakia
e) Invasion of Poland.
Q21.The ratio of number of black balls to that of white balls is 1:2. If 9 grey balls are added then the ratio of black, white and grey become 2:4:3. Find out the number of white balls in the bag.
Q22.Share your knowledge about OS.
Q23.Do you know anything about the binary search tree?
Q24.When can we use Virtual Memory?
Q25.What do you know about Cognizant?
Q26.Say something about your previous project.
Q27.What do you mean by optical fiber?
Q28.What is the need for programming?
Q29.Do you have any question for us?

Technical Interview Questions at Cognizant

Q30.Explain normalization. Discuss all its types.
Q31.Clearly state the difference between .cfg and .dbc extensions.
Q32.Suppose a page has three different layouts (crosstab, chart, list) - show these three layouts in three different formats (excel, csv, pdf).
Q33.Write a program which best describes polymorphism in real world.
Q34.What are the different types of tables in Teradata?
Q35.Can you draw a circuit converting AC to DC?
Q36.State the various functions of Global.ascx.

Interview Questions for Java Architect at Cognizant.

Q37.Share your experience of working with Onsite/offshore model.
Q38.What do you know about solution architecting?
Q39.How would you work with design and code reviews if we hire you?
Q40.Tell us about OOAD, ORM.
Q41.How do you rate your communication skills- both written and verbal?
Q42.What kind of experience do you have in Java/Struts?
Q43.How good are you at mitigating technical risks?

Interview Questions for Application Packaging Candidates at Cognizant.

Q44.What kind of experience do you have in Wise/VB scripts?
Q45.Do you have any kind of App-V knowledge?
Q46.Share your experience in Wise package Studio/Install Shield.
Q47.What do you know about dependency walker, regmon, filemon?
Q48.Do you have any knowledge about SCCm?
Q49.What is process monitor?
Q50. Share your knowledge about picture taker.

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