Interview Questions on Component Interface

Q1.Tell us about the Architecture of Component Interface.
Q2.Describe all the steps which you require to take while providing security for Component Interface.
Q3.Name one of the standard properties during the creation of Component Interface or CI.
Q4.Name the hyperlinks available in PeopleBooks.
Q5.Tell us how can you include and update rows in a recorder by making the use of Component Interface and Application Engine.
Q6.How can you invoke Component Interface in people code? Mention the steps in detail.
Q7.State the main attributes of Component Interface.
Q8.What is the function of Component Interface? Here specifically explain why you would require it.
Q9.GetHistoryItem- do you know anything about this?
Q10.How can you test a Component Interface?
Q11.What are find keys? What are Get keys? State the difference between the two.
Q12.What is the function of PSM messages?
Q13.What are Create keys? How are they different from Get and find keys?
Q14.People Tools 8.1x --- is it certified in Web Sphere?
Q15.What is the use of errormessage in Component Interface?
Q16.Can you tell us anything about Get() method?
Q17.Where will you find workflow work items here?
Q18.Name the status found in PeopleSoft Domain Status menu.
Q19.State the different types of Methods in Component Interface.
Q20.How can object security be performed? How can you connect report through process scheduler?
Q21.What is add search record? How is it different from search record?
Q22.Name the collections in Component Interface.
Q23.Is it possible that Application Messaging works between 8.4 and 8.1x applications?
Q24.How can you use Excel to Component Interface Utility?
Q25.Is it true that a CI can be mapped to more than one Peoplesoft component?
Q26.Name the keys in Component Interface.
Q27.Does PeopleSoft support Appache Jserv? Why?
Q28.PeopleTools 8.4—does it support web server load balancing?
Q29.What do you know about Crystal and Ps Nvision? Where are they supported?
Q30.How can I login in the Component Interface’s correction mode?
Q31.Do you know anything about Create() method?
Q32.Which java servlet and HTTP servers combinations does the PeoplesTolls 8.4 support?
Q33.How can consistency be maintained between Component Interface and components?
Q34.Save-POstchange--- can you tell us anything about this?
Q35.Explain a record group.
Q36.What can you tell us about a permission list?
Q37.What is an alternate search key?
Q38.Mention the steps for Peoplecode logic while the implementation of a Component Interface.
Q39.Does PeopleTools 8.4 support disconnected mobile applications?
Q40.Can you tell us anything about a run control page?

Interview Questions for User Interface Designers

Q41. How will you contribute towards integration of components (existing software) if you are hired?
Q42. Rate your communication skills.
Q43. What kind of C# skills do you have?
Q44. Describe your experience of providing Software support to technical engineers.
Q45. What do you understand by prototype development?
Q46. What can you tell us about .net 4.0?
Q47. Can you tell us anything about SVN?
Q48. Will you be comfortable to travel?
Q49. What kind of agile programming experience do you have?
Q50. Are you a team player?

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