Interview Questions- Computer Associates

General Interview Questions- Computer Associates

Q1.Why do you want to work for Computer Associates?
Q2.Please write a code of a binary search tree.
Q3.Why is it not possible to write DB connections directly in JSPs?
Q4.What is the function of exit()?
Q5.Can you tell us something about your exposure to the IT industry?
Q6.When Servlet initialization fails which exception is thrown?
a) ServletException
b) IOException
c) RemoteException
Q7.Say something about Tar.
Q8.What do you know about this company?
Q9.What do you mean by IT management?
Q10.How can multiple EJB instances be managed
a) EJB Passivation
b) Connection pooling
c) Caching of EJB instances
d) You can apply all the above methods
Q11. A person buys 200 shares of a company with INR 10 per value. It pays 12% dividend per annum. He gets 15% on his money. Find out the market value (app) of each share.
Q12. What is the time between Command Execution and Response called?
Q13. Explain Lag time.
Q14. Share your knowledge about OS.
Q15. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
Q16. Why are you quitting your present company?
Q17. What do you mean by a Temporary Servlet?
Q18. Let us have an idea about your OOPs concept.
Q19. Mr Sen was driving at an average speed of 50 miles per hour for the first two hours. He drove at an average speed of 20 miles per hour for the next three hours. Find out his average speed for the whole trip.
a) 35 miles per hour
b) 32 miles per hour
c) 20 miles per hour
d) 38 miles per hour.
Q20.Say something about Run ()
Q21. Tell us something about your present teammates which you don’t like.
Q22. Which one of the statements is correct?
a) .Is Shivam the tallest boy in the class
b) Shivam is the tallest boy,
c) Shivam is taller than all the boys.
Q23. Given a situation where you have to meet the deadline but don’t have enough time to complete the task with the quality. Would you like to complete it- how would you react?
Q24. Tell us about your five year plan.
Q25. Tell us something about calloc.

Technical Interview Questions at CA Technologies

Q26. How can a final “leaf” or “class” be created in C++?
Q27. How can ajax feature be implemented without the use of the controls found in the market?
Q28.What do you know about virtual inheritance?
Q29.Say something about the ITIL processes.
Q30.Do you know anything about bug-fixing?
Q31.Give us an elevator speech for your product.
Q32. How will you handle a situation where a bug occurs in your documentation before giving a presentation?
Q33. What do you know about reverse engineering?
Q34.How can scalability of a website be improved?
Q35.Compare and contrast between C# and the Java language.

Interview Questions for Software Engineers at CA Technologies

Q36.Tell us about your design ideas.
Q37.Describe your HTML, and JavaScript skills.
Q38.Tell us about UI products.
Q39.Share your experience of working with JSON, Ext JS
Q40.Describe your knowledge of Adobe CS.

Q41.What do you know about Mobile UI tools and frameworks?
Q42.Tell us about CSS.

Interview Questions for Product Designer at CA Technologies

Q43.What kind of practical design experience do you have?
Q44.Tell us something about Information design.
Q45.Explain Visual Communication design.
Q46.Share your knowledge about Photoshop CS5.
Q47.What can you tell us about prototyping?
Q48.What is OmniGraffle?
Q49.How can you say that you are eager to refine your craft?
Q50.What is Axure?

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