Interview Questions at Crompton Greaves

General interview Questions at Crompton Greaves

1.Why do you want to quit your present job?
2.Which one of these gives the power of the belt?
a) Velocity
b) Mass
c) Arc
d) All of them
3. What is the thermal efficiency of I.C engines?
a) 45-55%
b) 30-35%
c) 20-25%
d) 60-75%
4. How would you like to work- in a team or on your own?
5. How is it possible to increase the pressure angle of a gear?
6. How are nuts and bolts manufactured?
7.Do you like doing repetitive work?
8.What kind of problems have you faced in your last job? Have you learned anything from them?
9. Which one of these is the best suited material for permanent magnet- silicon or alnico?
10.How did you make it possible to attend this interview during your work hours?
11. How are rivets made?
a) Cold heating
b) Forging
c) Extrusion
12.Where do you see yourself two years from now?
13.State the specific gravity of the body if it is immersed 40% in water.
14.Which iron is used to make magnet?
15.Why do you want to work for Crompton?
16.Why should we hire you?
17.In which direction does a ceiling fan rotate? Why so?
18. State the components of a motor transformer.
19.What does magnetic compass indicate?
a) Alionic earth pole
b) Magnetic north pole
c) True north pole
d) Geographic north pole
20.Are you passionate about cars?
21. Fill in:1, 4, 9, 16, 25, ______.
22.What do you mean by spheroidizing?
24.State the reason why C++ is called object oriented.
25.What does the specific speed of turbine signify?
26.State the different types of load acting on a beam.
27.Why is turbo charger used?
28.Does shear force act on a railway bridge?
29.State whether the statement is true or false:
Plaster of Paris can be extracted from Bauxite.

Interview questions for Senior Executive Engineering at Crompton Greaves

30.What kind of experience do you have in the switchgear industry?
31. What can you say about the electrical industry?
32.Would you like to share your experience of working as an industrial engineer?
33.Have you worked in the manufacturing sector before?
34.What does low cost automation mean?

Interview questions for Sales Officer- Rural Marketing Management at Crompton Greaves

35.Tell us your experience of working in the retail industry.
36.What kind of responsibilities do you think you will have during a product launch?
37.What do you know about the consumer electronics industry?
38.What kind of business development experience do you have?
39.Can you tell us anything about the rural customers’ demands from a particular product?
40.What can you tell us about the rural customers’ buying habits?
41.Describe your skills with consumer products.
42.What kind of experience do you have in Sales?
43.What are Trade Channels?
44.Which factors do you think influence the pricing of a rural product?

Interview Questions for Sales Executives- Motor Division at Crompton Greaves

45.What kind of exposure do you have in channel sales?
46.How can you say that you are good at handling Customer Relations?
47.Describe your techno-commercial skills.
48.What do you mean by Commercial Quotation?
49.What do you mean by Technical Quotation?
50.What is FHP? Say something about AC, DC and LT.

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