Interview questions for CSC - Computer Sciences Corp Ltd

Q1.Was there ever a time when you had to step in to deal with a team member who was causing problems for the entire team? If yes, tell us how you did it.
Q2.Choose the correct option:- Which one of these is linked to web services--- (a) web sphere (b) WSDL (c) web logic (d) WML
Q3.How can jcl receive data from cobol program?
Q4.Tell us in detail about the major projects you have handled so far.
Q5.Have you ever had to deal with a customer who just refused to listen to what you had to say?
Q6.In a series West Indies defeated Sri Lanka, New Zealand defeated Sri Lanka and Australia defeated both New Zealand and West Indies—(a) How many matches were there in total? (b) Who won the series? (c) Which team lost all the matches?
Q7.Explain the difference between down casting and up casting with examples.
Q8.Can you tell us something about RADAR?
Q9.Rate your analyzing skills on a scale of 1-10.
Q10.Choose the correct option: The task which has to be performed for push operation--- (a) Value is stored after PC is incremented (b) Value is stored after SP is decremented (c) Value is stored after PC is decremented (d) ) Value is stored after SP is incremented
Q11.Define human capital management
Q12.Tell us something about DBMS.
Q13.What is LAN?
Q14.Explain with a diagram the process by which communication takes place while both the receiver and sender are roaming.
Q15.What is the synonym of “quiet”?
Q16.Can you write a program to print 2 strings?
Q17.What is a Modem?
Q18.How familiar are you with C?
Q19.Which one of the following words does not have similar meaning to that of mutiny--- (a) rebel (b) uprising (c) revolt?
Q20.What do you have to tell us about gap analysis?
Q21.Define MAC.
Q22.How would you like to differentiate between client permissions and administrative permissions in PF?
Q23.What do you know about invoice tables?
Q24.What is your greatest area of interest?
Q25.Speak on any topic of your choice for at least 3 minutes.
Q26.Tell us something about data structures.
Q27.State the composition of milk in liters when 60% 0f 50 litre water and 95% of 1 litre milk result in 67% mixture.
Q28.State the purpose of using piggybacking.
Q29.State the commands which cannot be executed in RPG but can be done in CLP. Give reasons for the same.
Q30.Mention all the steps of a compiler.
Q31.Tell us something about DS.
Q32.Tell us something about START 0. Suppose we are using other numerics instead of 0, what is going to happen then?

Q33.Tell us in detail about your job responsibilities at your previous organization.
Q34.Tell us something about abstract data types.
Q35.Choose the correct option: C# is the native language of (a) Visual Basic (b) Java (c).Net
Q36.What can you tell us about a credit note?
Q37.DB_BLOCK_SIZES--- what can you tell us about them?
Q38.State the purpose of some of the major record methods.
Q39.What kind of knowledge can you share on data sufficiency?
Q40.State the value of x when x=MAX((3y+x), (11y-x)).

Interview Questions for Database Administrator at Computer Sciences Corp Ltd

Q41.41. State the difference between table and view.
Q42.42.How is it possible to cut down on network traffic?
Q43.43.What is procedure for numbering pages?
Q44.44.What do you mean by clustered index?
Q45.45.What are your views on the present practices in DB Architecture?
Q46.46.What is datastage?
Q47.47.Tell us a bit about your knowledge of Informatica.
Q48.48.Is it possible to remove or add items from menus?
Q49.49.Tell us something about ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger.
Q50.50.What is degenerate dimension table?

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