Interview Questions for CSIR

Personal Questions (common for both technical and administrative positions)
Q1.Introduce yourself.
Q2.What is your educational background?
Q3.Tell us about your family.
Q4.Why do you want to work for the government?
Q5.ave you done any other kind of jobs previously?
Q6.What do you know about CSIR?
Q7.Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
Q8.Why did you choose this profession (administrator/scientist)?
Q9.Describe your experience working in a team (if any)?
Q10.What made you leave your last occupation (if you did)?
Q11.How would you see yourself five years from now?
Q12.How important is family compared to your work?
Q13.In addition to your graduation/post graduation, what other qualifications do you have?
Q14.What does it mean for you to work in CSIR?
Q15.Give an example of the importance of time management in your life.

Technical Questions (for research scientist positions)

Q1.What do you know about the budgeting procedure of the government for science projects?
Q2.How would you describe your aspirations in the field of research?
Q3.What kind of research work have you done previously?
Q4.Tell us about the procedures you have followed while conducting research.
Q5.How will you describe your relationship with your research mentor/project officer?
Q6.What was your dissertation during your Masters?
Q7.xplain the procedure you will follow in conducting research for ___ (name of research topic you are being hired for).
Q8.hich bibliographic methods are you conversant with?
Q9.Why do you want to do research work when there are other higher paying jobs available?
Q10.Tell us about the role you played while researching with a team of scientists of high caliber and experience.
Q11.What do you know about the ___ (name of research topic you are being hired for)?
Q12.Have you had similar experience in the topic of research you are being hired for? Describe.
Q13.How will you tackle a situation if the team you are working in does not see eye to eye?
Q14.Why did you study ___ (subject for your Post Graduate Elective or PhD)?
Q15.Which part of the subject you studied you found most interesting? Why?
Q16.How will you describe your personality in a laboratory?
Q17.What procedure do you follow while solving a problem in science?
Q18.Do you have any other tertiary qualification that is related to research?

Technical Questions (for administrative positions)
Q1.Why do you think is the job of an assistant in administration important?

Q2.What are the roles played by an assistant in an administrative position?
Q3.What are your career aspirations in administration?
Q4.What do you know about the government’s process of setting up a computer facility?
Q5.What are the management principles of retaining an employee?
Q6.How often do you use the computer? How do you use it most?
Q7.What experience do you have in working with MS Excel?
Q8.What kinds of spreadsheets can you make in Excel program?
Q9.What is your typing speed?
Q10.How relevant is the CCS (Conduct) Rules in a government office?
Q11.How will you apply the ERP practices in organizing a research project in the forest?
Q12.What experience do you have in updating a database?
Q13.Explain the role of a Financial Advisor.
Q14.What is the process of external funding for research projects by the government?
Q15.Describe the consultancy services of CSIR.
Q16.What do you know about intellectual property licensing?
Q17.What is the procedure for assigning, mortgaging, or leasing immovable property of CSIR?

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