Interview Questions for Customer service

Basic Customer service interview questions

Q1.Who would be a difficult customer according to you? How would you deal with him/her?
Q2.Have you ever done something extra, which was not part of your professional responsibility, to help a customer?
Q3.Do you think there is need of specific rules regarding the initiation of a conversation with a customer? Give reasons.
Q4.How would you handle an irate client?
Q5.Suppose there is a situation that you have to decline a request from a valued customer how would you do it?
Q6.How would you handle abusive language from a customer?
Q7.What is “good customer service” according to you?
Q8.How would you respond to a customer who only has negative things to say about your services?
Q9.How do you think you have maintained a balance between customer demands and company policies in your previous jobs?
Q10.A client knows what he wants but doesn’t know how to go about it and seeks your advice--- how would you respond?
Q11.What do you think is more important for retail service--- better customer service or quicker customer service?
Q12.Have you ever felt that your patience had been tested by a client?
Q13.What are you better at—training your juniors for delivering better customer services or helping them out in dire consequences?
Q14.Tell us something about Customer Relationship Management or CRM.
Q15.Rate your communication skills.
Q16.When do you think supervisors should be requested to step in?
Q17.Are you a team player?
Q18.Describe your three year goal.
Q18.How far can you go to ensure customer satisfaction?
Q19.How effective do you think you are at meeting deadlines and targets?
Q20.Tell us how you had contributed to your previous company in terms of saving costs, or increasing revenue.
Q21.What do you think should be the rightful meaning of “Customer is King”?
Q22.Do you consider your job a learning experience or do you think you are trained enough to handle all kinds of situations?
Q23.Tell us about your best experience till date.
Q24.What kind of technicalities do you think you should be aware of in order to excel at your profession?
Q25.How can you explain a sharp rise in price to a customer?
Q26.How would you deal with a huge number of customers seeking your advice at a public counter?
Q27.How do you think customer service should be measured?
Q28.Have you ever dealt with a rude customer? How?
Q29.Which is most convenient way for chatting with a customer—e mail, telephone or chat?
Q30.What do you know about DHCP?
Q31.Why didn’t you choose software development?
Q32.Describe your soft skills.
Q33.Tell us about a situation when you were able to turn a client’s anger to his/her satisfaction.
Q34.What can you say about the products and services of your previous company?
Q35.How would you deal with a client’s problem when you yourself are not clear about the solutions?
Q36.Tell us about your experiences of coming across a really jovial client.
Q37.How would you handle a situation when a customer complains you are taking too long to handle a situation?
Q38.Do you ever feel that the existing technologies are not enough to fulfill customer requirements?
Q39.Do you think you are capable of turning the cons into pros as far as customer service is concerned? If yes then how?

Probable Interview Questions for Customer Care Executive (Store)

Q41. Describe your analytical skills.
Q42. What kind of exposure do you have in the customer service industry?
Q43. How comfortable are you in dealing with customers face to face?
Q44. Describe your promotional skills.
Q45. Describe your ability to deal with customer queries.
Q46. Describe your problem solving skills.
Q47. How computer savvy do you think you are--- answer this question keeping in mind that you have to deal with customers who are standing right in front of you.
Q48. Tell us a little bit about your soft skills.
Q49. How would you deal with a customer who is really in a hurry but badly needs to get his problem solved at that moment?
Q50. How comfortable would you be in explaining the cons of a product to a customer?

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