Interview Questions for Dabur

As per available information Dabur conducts Group Discussion, Personal Interview and possibly written tests as well. Here is a list of a few interview questions at the company:

Q1.Tell us about the way or ways by which you can improve the reach of a particular product.
Q2.Why should Dabur hire you?
Q3.What do you think will be the apt strategy to launch a new product?
Q4.Please tell us about the way in which you would spread brand awareness in rural India.
Q5.Tell us about your biggest achievement in your previous company. What do you think led to that kind of success for you?
Q6.If I ask you to list around 5-6 qualities that you look for in an ideal boss, what would you have to say?
Q7.Tell us about the biggest professional disappointment in your life. What, do you think was mainly responsible for it?
Q8.Why do you want to work for our company?
Q9.Tell us a little bit about your work experience in your previous company.
Q10.Please tell us why you think you would be an asset for our company, Dabur India
Q11.Tell us a little bit about your hobbies.
Q12.How would you react if I say that you are overqualified for this position?
Q13.Tell us about the one thing you can do that other candidates cannot do.
Q14.Have you ever resolved a conflict between your ex colleagues? If yes, then how?
Q15.What would you have to tell us about your communication skills?
Q16.Do you think you are a good team player?
Q17.Tell us how you would utilize your past experience to convert it into success for your new job?
Q18.What is the latest development in our company that’s making news?
Q19.What made you quit your past job?
Q20.Tell us what you know about our organization. You can be detailed in your approach if you want to.
Q21.What do you think would be the apt training mechanism for a sales person?
Q22.Is there any way by which, you can compensate your lack of experience?
Q23.What do you think is your biggest strength?
Q24.Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Q25.How strong do you think your analytical skills are?
Q26.Tell us about a time when you had shown a real initiative in your professional life.
Q27.What do you think is your biggest weakness to be worked upon?
Q28.Was there ever a time when you had experienced real fun in your job? If yes, please tell us about it.
Q29.Tell us about the position where you like working in a team.
Q30.How would you like to differentiate between our competitors’ products and our products? What do you have to say about the public response garnered by the products?
Q31.What kind of uniqueness would you bring on board if hired?
Q32.Tell us about the attributes you have which you think are suitable for this position.
Q33.How do you plan to function at the entry level?
Q34.Tell us about the things that you keep on learning in this area.
Q35.How good do you think you are at offering solutions?

Some Specific Interview Questions

Q36.Tell us about your own expectation from this company.
Q37.Do you know anyone who is working with us, or for that matter had worked with us?
Q38.How have you proved your willingness to work in your previous company?
Q39.Tell us a bit about your technical knowhow.
Q40.How do you plan to work on your weaknesses?
Specific interview questions at Dabur

  Q41.Tell us about the kind of business that can be done by PLC
Q42.Is there any way in which union transformation is used in joiner transformation? If yes, then tell us in detail how can this be done.
Q43.Why do you want to pursue Sales after engineering?
Q44.Can you define conductivity for us?
Q45.What are Exothermic and Endothermic reactions?

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