Interview Questions of Daffodil

General Interview Questions-Daffodil

Q1.Why do you want to work for Daffodil?
Q2.44 is the average age in an adult school. After 120 more students take admission to the school. The average of their age is 32. The average age of the school has now come down by 4. Find out the total number of students in school?
Q3.Can you state the next number in the given series: 394 391 19 16 4 1____?
Q4. There are both male and female members in a club. The number of females will be double than that of the male members if 15 of the female members quit. The number of females will become 5 times than that of the male members if 45 male members quit. Find out the number of females?
Q5. Which one of the following is used to create and maintain a database and is also a collection of program?
a) db
b) dbms
c) dba
d) all of the above
Q6. It is found that 10% of some amount of petrol is adulterated. If you want to take the purity level to 98% how much of impure petrol should be replaced with pure petrol?
Q7. How keen are you on learning about new technologies?
Q8. Which one of this do you think is not a memory management scheme?
a) Paging
b) Buddy system
Q9. State the output of the following:
Q10. What do you know about Daffodil?
Q11. Fill in: 98, 94, _, 70, 32
Q12. Tell us something about sorting.
Q13. Ramesh buys 100 candies for 1 $. He purchases three different candies with three different prices- $.01, $.02 and $.05. 10 candies were bought at $.01. Find out the number of each type of candies bought.
Q14. Tell us about your leadership skills.
Q15. main()
int x,y,z
printf(%d %d, x,y,z);
Q16. John was 3 times the age of his sister in the previous year. Next year his age will be two times than that of his sister. How old will he be after 5 years?
Q17. A person buys spirit at INR 60/liter. He sells it at INR 75/liter after adding water to it. Find out the ratio of spirit to water if he makes a profit of 37.5%.
Q18. Write a function converting from infix to postfix.
Q19. Tell us about your experience of working in the IT industry.
Q20. Tell us about your decision-making skills.
Q21. State the output of the following:
static int var =5;
printf(%d, var--);
Q22. What do you know about Daffodil?
Q23. Find out the value of a, when A=2+1/a and B=a+1/2. Also B=A.
Q24. There are 5p, 10p, 25p, 50p, 1 rupee, INR 2 and INR 5 coins. INR 5 coin weighs 20gms. How many coins will be needed to get a total of atleast 196.5 gms?
Q25. Everyone in a meeting shakes hands with the other person. There are 10 people in total. How many handshakes will be there?

Interview Questions for Assistant Software Engineer (Trainee) at Daffodil

Q26. Describe you Java/J2EE skills.
Q27. Are you good at multi-tasking?
Q28. What do you know about JSP, SQL Sever and XML?
Q29. Describe your communication skills.
Q30. How good do you think you are at handling deadlines?
Q31. Describe your logical ability.
Q32. Tell us something about designing and coding of a particular module.
Q33. Describe your problem solving skills.
Q34. Tell us about your analytical skills.
Q35. How would you ensure quality delivery of a particular assignment once you are hired?

Interview Questions for Functional IT Coordinator at Daffodil

Q36. How good are you at customer handling?
Q37. Describe your basic Computer skills.
Q38. Share your knowledge on tally.
Q39. Have you worked with teams before?
Q40. Describe your Excel skills.

Interview Questions for Drupal Developer at Daffodil

Q41. What do you know about CSS?
Q42. Tell us about your experience of working with Drupal custom theme development.
Q43. Share your knowledge about JavaScript.
Q44. What do you have to tell us about customization of modules?
Q45. How would you work towards modules creation once selected?
Q46. Tell us about MySQL.
Q47. Have you worked on speedup site performance?
Q48. What do you know about drupal code optimization?
Q49. Tell us about PHP.
Q50. What do you have to tell us about optimized technical solution?

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