Interview Questions for Dell

Q1. Why do you want to work for Dell?
Q2. What should be the total capacity for storage if you have three 200GB drives?
Q3State the output of this program in C++:
void main(){
int I =10, j=2;
int *ip = &I ,*jp =&j;
int k = *ip/*jp;
cout< }
Q4. Describe a difficult situation at the previous organization you worked for. How did you handle it?
Q5. What do you know about Dell?
Q6. What is a heat sink?
Q7. What is the configuration of your computer?
Q8. How do you prefer working- in a team or alone?
Q9. What is the difference between dataset and datareader?
Q10. What is the function of web.config in .NET?
Q11. What is UPS?
Q12. State the differences between web services and remote access.
Q13. Which techniques are used to maintain a database?
Q14. What do you mean by Meta data?
Q15. What’s your experience of working in a six sigma project?
Q16. Suggest three measures to draw revenue to a site.
Q17. Can you create a Meta table?
Q18. Have you ever handled an irritated customer?
Q19. What are the attributes of entity relationship model?
Q20. How would you register a .NET assembly?
Q21. What is meant by a relationship?
Q22. Which steps are required to connect to a database?
Q23. Tell us something about your exposure to the IT industry.
Q24. Tell us something about your marketing concepts. Where do you the see the best potential for growth?
Q25. What are attributes?
Give examples.
Q26. How did you take out time to appear for this interview during your office hours?
Q27. Tell us something about SDLC.
Q28. How keen are you on working as a quality engineer?
Q29. What do you know about the Bug Life cycle?
Q30. How did you manage a programme when its wheels fell off?
Q31. Which factors should be kept in view while putting together a data centre hosted solution to be remotely accessed by 2000 users over the WAN?

Q32. What would do you if are unable to provide a quote by COB to a customer who requires it?
Q33. Why should Dell hire you?
Q34. How would you introduce a product in the market and how would you fix its price?
Q35. What do you know about OS?
Q36. Show all the values of BST from the low to the high order.
Q37. How would you rate yourself on different programming languages?
Q38. Would you ever compromise your ethics to suit your job needs?
Q39. Tell us about your experience of working in storage.
Q40. How can you get back to a customer who is satisfied with your competitor?
Q41. What would your current manager have to say about you?
Q42. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Q43. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
Q44. Can you attend to more than hundred calls a day?
Q45. Did you use remedy system while working?
Q46. What do you know about VBS scripting?
Q47. Can you tell us about a situation when you performed beyond the customer’s expectations?
Q48. What is Agile testing?
Q49. State the difference between SetTransObject and SetTrans.
Q50. How can you change the Datawindow SQL Statement?

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