Interview Questions for Deloitte

Q1. Why do you want to work for Deloitte?
Q2. What are the security threats to the Android application development?
Q3. Tell us about a situation when you failed.
Q4. What is CLS?
Q5. How would you manage a team when there is unexpected delay in delivery?
Q6. What is the difference between CTS and CLS?
Q7. What is a base class?
Q8.  How can you implement coaching at .NET?
Q9. Why should Deloitte hire you?
Q10. What is a NULL value?
How can a NULL value be represented?
Q11. How can you show the functionality of heap sort with the help of an algorithm?
Q12. What are entity sets?
Q13. State the difference between the latest version and the earlier versions of .NET.
Q14. Explain “composite attributes” with an example.
Q15. What is a binary tree?
Q16. Tell us about the different attributes found in the database.
Q17. Give some examples of binary tree.
Q18. Tell us about the different coaching techniques found in. NET.
Q19. How can you show duplication in an array of n elements with the help of an algorithm?
Q20. With the help of a program show how you can swap two variables without a temporary variable.
Q21. Do web services allow overloading?
Q22. With the help of a program show the output of the production of the program, while its complied.
Q23. Tell us about a situation when you readily accepted the role of a leader but failed.
Q24. Tell us about your SAS experience.
Q25. Have you ever worked directly with a customer?
Q26. How much interested are you in consulting?
Q27. What are your sources of recent tax updates?
Q28. What do you mean by networking?
Q29. Why are you keen on working in tax and not audit?
Q30. What would be your action if you ever disagree with your boss?
Q31. What is Production Planning?
Q32. State the components of BOM.
Q33. Say something about the Audit Process.
Q34. Tell us about some possible risks if a consultant has a bank as a client.
Q35. What do you mean by Quality Assurance plan?
Q36. Tell us about your experience of working in a six sigma project.

Q37. What kind of commitment do you have for your organization?
Q38. What is Purchase specification document?
Q39. Did you use PLM in your organization?
Q40. How do you plan to pass CPA test?
Q41. What do you understand by material procurement process?
Q42. State the difference between Marketing and Sales.
Q43. What do you mean by Bill of Material?
Q44. What do you think is your biggest weakness?
Q45. Say something about system development life cycle and ERM.
Q46. What do you know about public accounting?
Q47. How would you communicate classified information to someone?
Q48. What kind of Computer or IT background do you have?
Q49. What are your technical skills?
Q50. What do you know about excel, SQL?

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