Interview questions Delphi

General Interview Questions-Delphi
Q1.Why should Delphi hire you?
Q2.How can machinability of steel be improved- with the help of tungsten, or sulphur or nickel or chromium?
Q3.Tell us what you know about Delphi.
Q4.Tell us something about chord LMP.
Q5. If you are employing a person for the position you have applied for, what qualities would you look for?
Q6. Tell us what gear hobbing is.
Q7. Which position in a team do you prefer working in?
Q8. A ball weighing 6kg is suspended from two wires. These wires are of equal length. Find out the tension in each wire if the angle between the two of them is 90 degrees.
Q9. Tell us about a time when you had handled a conflicting situation at your previous job.
Q10. What is the opposite of “prologue”?
a) Epilogue
b) Trilogy
c) Soliloquy
d) Analogy
Q11. Tell us about .stick slip phenomenon.
Q12. Tell us about a time when you really had fun at your previous job.
Q13. A ship sails 90 miles in the east, 60 miles in the south and then 60 miles in the east again. How many miles is it from the point where he started?
Q14. What would your co-workers have to say about you?
Q15. What is the exact degree between two hands of the clock at 3.40pm?
a) 140
b) 110
c) 130
d) 120
Q16. A person has walked diagonally across a square shaped plot. Find out the percentage saved by the man by not walking on grass
a) 24
b) 22
c) 20
d) 30
Q17. How did you react to a major change in situation at your previous job?
Q18. Tell us something about Worm Drive.
Q19. Describe the complete set of wires for an acceptable cable.
Q20. What is negative rake angle?
Q21. What have you learned from your mistakes at the previous job?
Q22. What is the opposite of “vague”?
a) Felicitous
b) Nearly perfect
c) Well-defined
d) Expressive.
Q23. What do you know about .finite element analysis?
Q24. Why do you want to join Delphi?
Q25. What do you think is your greatest weakness?
Q26. Can you tell us which of the following statements is/are true?
a) The buoyant force on the body always acts in the same direction.
b) The buoyant force on the body is dependent on the density of the fluid surrounding the body
c) The buoyant force on the body is dependent on the shape of the body
d) The buoyant force on the body is dependent on the mass of the body
Q27. How do you keep on honing your skills for development in the area?
Q28. What is your take on the emerging technologies?
Q29. When is .coolant not used?

Interview questions for PC&L (Contractual) jobs at Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Q30. Do you have any experience in the logistics area?
Q31. Share your knowledge of ERP.
Q32. What do you know about SAP?
Q33. Describe your communication skills.
Q34. What idea do you have about man power handling?
Q35. Tell us about FIFO.
Q36. How do you plan to co ordinate with transporters in case of emergencies?
Q37. What kind knowledge do you have on packing?
Q38. What do you have to say about the automotive industry?
Q39. What can you tell us about space utilization?
Q40. What is a casual material receiving?

Interview questions for Internal Control Coordinator at Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd

Q41. Tell us about Internal Control Risk.
Q42. What do you know about 302 Sox certification?
Q43. Tell us about your experience of working in Internal Audit.
Q44. What do you know about SOX testing?
Q45. What do you know about Internal Controls?
Q46. What do you know about the lead testing process?
Q47. Will you be able to travel if required?
Q48. Tell us briefly about outsourced accounting services.
Q49. What is External Audit?
Q50. How would you work towards timely completion of testing process if hired?

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