Interview Questions for Dena Bank

Q1. Where is the head office of our bank situated?
Q2. Why do you think Dena Bank should hire you?
Q3. How can you define a guiltable deposit?
Q4. Can you tell us what is the total number of branches of Dena Bank today in India?
Q5. What would you have to tell us about the contribution of the banking sector for the agricultural growth in India?
Q6. Why do you want to work in Dena Bank?
Q7. Why do you want a bank job in spite of being an engineer?
Q8. Share your views regarding the economic downturn in the USA.
Q9. Tell us how many ATMs does our bank have in total at present?
Q10. What can you tell us about RBI? Please focus on the major functions performed by it while answering this question.
Q11. What is the logo of Dena Bank?
Q12. What do you know about our bank? Can you tell us the year since it has been operating in India?
Q13. What is FDI? Share your views about the introduction of FDI in India. How do you think it is different from FII?
Q14. Tell us about the most pleasant experience in your life—it can range from anything from personal to professional life. Tell us why it was so pleasant for you.
Q15. Tell us--- what is the total number of regional branches of Dena Bank at present?
Q16. Do different banks have different saving rates? Give reasons for your answer. What is the current saving rate as per today’s newspaper?
Q17. Tell us about the most unpleasant experience in your professional life. Also tell us how you dealt with it.
Q18. Who prepares budget in India?
Q19. Tell us in detail about the objectives of a budget in India.
Q20. Can you tell us what the letter ‘D’ in Dena bank stands for?
Q21. What do you understand by the term plastic money?
Q22. Name the current managing director of our bank.
Q23. Do you think it is absolutely necessary for someone to have an account in a particular bank in order to apply for its credit card?
Q24. What has led you to apply for a post in our bank when your score is only marginally greater than our cut-off? Do you believe you can still get selected with this score?
Q25. Tell us about the name of the person who was responsible for the establishment of Dena Bank.
Q26. Can you tell us how the global economic crisis started?
Q27. Please tell us about your responsibilities at your previous job.
Q28. How is the value of “Rupee” evaluated?
Q29. In which year was our bank nationalized?
Q30. How would you react if we say that your qualifications are not complying for the job responsibilities of the post you have applied for?

Q31. What is Reverse Repo Rate?
Q32. Tell us about your biggest achievement till date
Q33. Does RBI create credit?
Q34. Can you tell us in detail about the products and services we deal with?
Q35. Tell us about your views about the current economic situation in India.
Q36. How will you react if we say that you are overqualified for this post?
Q37. Is there something which you simply hated about your last profile?
Q38. Is there any of the Dena Bank branch in your area? If yes then tell us about its exact location.
Q39. How do you think Recession had affected India’s economic scenario?
Q40. How many ATMs of Dena Bank are operating at present?
Q41. Is there any co relation between exchange rate and measurement of the value of rupee?
Q42. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses in detail and tell us how you use them or deal with them
Q43. Do you think a bank profile is suitable for you? Give reasons for your answer.
Q44. What is the tagline of our bank?
Q45. What is SLR?
Q46. Tell us briefly about your five year goals.
Q47. What do you understand by Cash Reserve Ratio?
Q48. What do you mean by Inflation?
Q49. State the difference between credit and debit cards
Q50. What is Bank Rate?

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