Interview Questions Deutsche Bank

General Interview Questions at Deutsche Bank

Q.1Why do you want to work for Deutsche Bank?
Q.2Recommend any three of your workshops in the previous year. Why do you recommend them?
Q.3What do you know about our bank?
Q.4Share your views on investment banking.
Q.5Would you be ready to relocate if required?
Q.6State the result of 20% of 25% of 20
a) 5
b) 1
c) 4
d) 2
7.Tell us about your blind spots, if you have any.?
8. Can you tell us the total number of cars produced in Germany per year??
9. Can you tell us anything about Eurozone crisis??
10. Describe a situation when you had used your creativity to bail out of difficult scenario.?
11. State the result of 0.0000007* 0.000006?
a) 0.00000000000042
b) 0.0000000042
c) 0.000000000042
d) 0.0000000000042
12. State the total number of cinemas in the UK.?
13. Describe your management style.?
14. Name some competitors of the Deutsche Bank in the market.?
15. Who is my motherís sisterís brotherís wifeís child??
a) My brother
b) My cousin
c) My nephew
d) My uncle
16. How have you utilized your past experiences in order to attain success in the task at hand??
17. How is our business different in Germany??
18. Can you tell us about the major trends in the stock market??
19. What is the value of p+q+r if a=1, b=2, c=3 Öand z=26??
a) 51
b) 33
c) 48
d) 52
20. How should our bank deal with the effects of the credit crunch?
21. Name some of the senior managers of our bank.
22. Tell us about some of the finance projects you have worked on.
23. A bag has 30 socks in it. 60% of these socks are green and the rest are blue. State the maximum number of times the socks will be taken out so that at least one blue pair is found:
a) 2
b) 20
c) 18
d) 21
24. What have you learned from the mistakes at your previous job?
25. Did you have a word with any of our current employees?
26. What do you understand by bad loans?

Interview Questions for Residential Mortgage Closer at Deutsche Bank

27. What do you have to tell us about your paralegal training?
28. What do you know about RESPA, TILA?
29. Who do you think you have to interact with on matters of closings and modifications?
30.Describe your organizational skills.
31. What do you know about Reg O?
32. How would you rate your reviewing skills when it comes to legal documents?
33.Tell us something about HUD-1
34. What do you know about Reg B?
35. How good are you at reviewing flood insurances?
36. What do you know about GFE?

Interview Questions for Client Service Account Manager at Deutsche Bank.

37. Tell us something about Client Outreach.
38. How good are you at risk management?
39. Describe your Project Finance Corporate Trust Experience.
40. How will you work towards the development of administrative staff if we hire you?

41. Describe your MIS reviewing skills.
42. What kind of revenue opportunities do you think our bank has now?
43. Are you good at CTC reviews?

Interview questions for Reward Advisor at Deutsche Bank

44. Tell us something about HR Reward Governance.
45. How well are you acquainted with the different reward tools?
46. Describe your PowerPoint skills in detail.
47. Do you have any experience of project management?
48. Tell us about the tax impact of some of the aspects of rewards.
49. Tell us about your prioritization skills.
50. How would you rate your decision-making capabilities?

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