Interview Questions for Dietician

Q1.What according to you are the key responsibilities or functions of a dietician?
Q2.What makes you think that you are ideal for this position?
Q3.According to you what kind of relationship should be shared between the Clinical Nutrition Department and the kitchen staff?
Q4.Please tell us a little about your disease management skills.
Q5.Tell us about the time when you thought that you could be a dietician.
Q6.Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
Q7.How do you prefer working--- in a team or alone?
Q8.What would you like to say to make us trust your credentials?
Q9.What kind of clinical experiences do you have to share with us?
Q10.Who according to you is a difficult patient? How would you handle such a patient?
Q11.What really gives you the confidence of delivering once we hire you?
Q12.Do you think you are an expert at what you do or is there still room for improvement?
Q13.If we hire you how long do you think you can continue in the post you have applied for now?
Q14.Tell us how you would like to describe your counseling style.
Q15.Would you like to tell us about a time when your team had recorded a major achievement mainly because of you? Has it ever happened? If yes then tell us about the details.
Q16.Would you be able to attend occasional meetings beyond your working schedule? How do you plan to do the same if they are held on an unusually long working day?
Q17.How do you keep yourself up to date with the latest trends in diet and nutrition?
Q18.What do you know about us?
Q19.Why should we hire you?
Q20.Have you received any awards in your entire professional history?
Q21.Why did you quit your last job?
Q22.Tell us in detail about the current project you are working on.
Q23.Was there ever a time when you thought that you have outperformed yourself? If yes tell us about the entire situation and also tell us why you thought so.
Q24.How would you like to rate your risk management skills?
Q25.Tell us about the areas of nutrition therapy that you are interested in. Give reasons for your answer.
Q26.Tell us about your 3 year goals.
Q27.How did you deal with a patient who complained that the diet chart prepared by you has had adverse effects on her/his health.
Q28.How would you react if I say your qualifications and experience do not coincide with our needs?
Q29.Tell us about your project management skills.

Q30.As a dietician do you think that understanding the mind of a patient is an important aspect of your profession?
Q31.Tell us about the kinds of projects that you really enjoy working on.
Q32.Do you think you are adaptive to changes?
Q33.What do you think is your biggest strength?
Q34.What is your biggest weakness? Have you started working on it? If no, then when and how do you plan to do so?
Q35.What do you think are the key skills to be possessed by a dietician?
Q36.Tell us about a favorite co worker of yours, explaining why you liked him/her.
Q37.When do you really start enjoying your working with a patient?
Q38.Did you ever feel you were not able to identify your flaws?
Q39.How do you deal with unusually challenging days?
Q40.What do you find most challenging in a dietician’s job? Why?
Q41.How do you respond to a satisfied client?
Q42.What do you think should be our expectations from you?
Q43.Tell us about a real frustrating experience you have had in your life.
Q44.Do you have any questions for us?
Q45.State the role of protein in our body.
Q46.Can salt make one gain weight?
Q47.Tell us about the role of vitamins in our body.
Q48.How would you like to advise a female on a workout?
Q49.When should vitamin supplements be taken by a patient?
Q50.How can skipping meals affect your body?

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