Interview Questions for DotNet


Q1 .What is the difference between sessionstate and viewstate?
Q2 .What do you understand by the term Common Type System?
Q3 .When was the announcement for .NET done?
Q4 .In the context of .NET, what is the meaning of the term ‘managed’?
Q5 .What is the difference between a shared assembly and a private assembly?
Q6 .Can .NET be run on the UNIX platform?
Q7 .What are the various types of delegates?
Q8 .How can the CAS be turned off?
Q9 .How can object pooling be done on .NET?
Q10 .What is meant by multi-threading?
Q11 .How can a thread be debugged?
Q12 .What do you understand by .NET remoting?
Q13 .How can page fragment caching be implemented?
Q14 .Can hidden frames be used to cache client data?
Q15 .Can a class be prevented from overriding?
Q16 .What should be done to store an object in Viewstate?
Q17 .What do you know about an application domain?
Q18 .What is meant by garbage collection?
Q19 .What is the difference between managed data and managed code?
Q20 .What is the procedure of creating an AppDomain?
Q21 .What is meant by unboxing?
Q22 .How can a value type be converted to a reference type?
Q23 .How are dock properties different from anchor?
Q24 .How can the resource files be used?
Q25 .Can .NET support multiple languages?
Q26 .Can multiple data types be stored in System .Array?
Q27 .What is the procedure of overloading a method?
Q28 .What is a satellite assembly?
Q29 .What are the various kinds of authentication in .NET?

Q30 .How does Garbage Collection work?
Q31 .How can permission be altered for a code group?
Q32 .Can the serialization process be customized?
Q33 .What is the meaning of CLS?
Q34 .What is the procedure for creating a non-rectangular window?
Q35 .What are the various steps in function points?
Q36 .How can code reviews be done?
Q37 .What is the procedure for handling change request?
Q38 .What are the benefits of using UML?
Q39 .Do you know what lock escalation is?
Q40 .What is a fill factor?

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