Interview Questions for EIL(Engineers India Ltd.)

General Interview Questions

Q1. Tell us how your family has contributed to your career.
Q2. What is the thing  we must know about you?
Q3. Why do you want to work at EIL?
Q4. What is more important to you - work or career?
Q5. What keeps you going under pressure?
Q6. How do you think you can contribute to EIL?
Q7. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
Q8. How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Q9. What qualities do you have that you think will make you successful in your career?
Q10. What is your style – teamwork or competition?

  Interview questions for Management Trainee (Chemical) Position 

Q11. Explain the effect on the heat losses when the thickness of the insulation is more than its critical radius?
Q12. What do you know about the Raoult’s Law?
Q13. Tell us the working principle of the compression in a cylinder.
Q14. What do you understand by the term “Fanning Factor”?
Q15. What are the limitations of the Stokes’ Law?
Q16. How will you explain the corrosion of iron vessels in the presence of wet carbon dioxide?
Q17. Tell us about the different types of pumps.
Q18. What do you understand by the term “dew point”?
Q19. Give an example of a first order system. 

Interview questions for Management Trainee (Computer Science/IT) Position 

Q20. What do you know about scheduling algorithms?
Q21. How is multitasking different from the time-sharing system?
Q22. What software languages are you proficient in?
Q23. What is the limitation of SJF? What will you do to solve the problem?
Q24. Explain Data Structures to a person who does not know anything about your subject.
Q25. Tell us the kind of project experience you have had in the past.
Q26. Is there any other professional skill you have learnt apart from your course curriculum?
Q27. What is Data Warehousing? How does it differ from database?

Interview questions for Management Trainee (Civil) Position 

Q28. How will you explain the shape of the earth to a person who thinks the earth is flat?
Q29. What is the significance of laying foundation? Explain the different ways of doing so.
Q30. Tell us about the civil engineering project experiences you have gained in the past.
Q31. What kind of software have you used in your projects?
Q32. Explain environmentally efficient ways of connecting both banks of a river.
Q33. How would you estimate the cost of building a bridge?
Q34. What do you understand by “Grouting”?
Q35. Tell us about the latest techniques used in civil engineering in the present times.

Interview Questions for Management Trainee (Mechanical) Position 

Q36. How does the factor of safety affect design?
Q38. How would you explain “Static Failure” to a person who knows nothing about your subject?
Q39. Tell us your understanding of the contribution of mechanical engineers in the field of oil and gas industry.
Q40. Which between steel and rubber is more elastic?
Q41. Is there any difference between pressure and stress?
Q42. What do you understand by “Resilience”?
Q43. How would you differentiate between heat transfer and mass transfer?

Interview questions for Management Trainee (Electrical) Position 

Q44. What do you understand by “Inrush Current”?
Q45. Why does the Ampere meter show current when the capacitor bank breaker closes, which is supposedly load free?
Q46. Why did you study electrical engineering rather than electronics engineering?
Q47. Tell us your project experience in electrical engineering.
Q48. Explain how analog is converted to digital.
Q49. Describe the function of integrated circuit.
Q50. How can electrical engineers contribute to the petroleum refining industry?
Q51. What is the use of “Parallel Phasing Transformers”?

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