Interview Questions on EJB

General EJB Interview Questions

1.What do you mean by static initialize blocks? Is it legal to use them in EJB?
2. State the role of EJB in J2EE.
3. What do you know about EJB? State the different kinds of EJBs and briefly explain their functions as well.
4. Say something about Entity Bean? What are its methods? State its lifecycle. Can it be a listener for Java Message Service messages?
5. Share your knowledge of the Design pattern. State its function as well.
6. What do you mean by passivation ? Can it be controlled? What is activation?
7. What do you mean by an EJB Context? What do you know about EJB QL?
8. What is EJB Invocation? When does it occur?
9. What do you mean by a free pool?
10. What do you mean by session? Differentiate it from an Entity Bean.
11. Differentiate between Java Beans and EJB.
12. Sate the features of EJB 2.0 and 3.0.
13. Can you overload methods in EJB?
14. List the key features of EJB technology. State its benefits as well.
15. What is default transaction?
16. Tell us something about Stateful Beans. What do you know about Stateless Beans?
17. Say something about the POJOs in EJB.
18. How do you implement persistence in Enterprise Beans?
19. State the transaction isolation levels in EJB. Why do we need them?
20. State the difference between select and find methods in EJB.
21. What do you mean by lazy loading?
22. List the versions of EJB specification supported by WebLogic server.
23. Explain in detail the difference between BMP and CMP.
24. State the callback methods in Entity Beans.
25. What is deployment descriptor?
26. What is the outcome of loading negative code?
27. What are the components of EJB? How can you invoke servlet from them?
28. State the significance of EJB in the context of Java.
29. State the difference between EJBLoad and EJB Store.
30. State the difference between Stateless Session Beans and Message Driven Beans.

Interview Questions for Java, EJB developer

31.Say something about your designing skills.
32. Describe your JMS skills.
33. Tell us about your EJB 3.0 skills.
34. How would you contribute towards the development of our Webservices once we hire you?
35. Describe your Unit Testing skills.
36. Tell us about your MDB skills.
37. What do you have to tell us about Hibernate?
38. Describe your team guiding experience.
39. What is the importance of Integration testing for you?
40. Tell us about your documentation and coding skills.

Interview Questions for Senior Java Architect/Developer---EJB 3.0

41. Share your Java development experience with us. How well versed are you with the latest trends in Java development?
42. Tell us about your JPA skills.
43. Rate your collaboration and communication skills.
44. What do you know about Java Persistence API?
45. Have you worked with Full Object Model?
46. Describe your exposure to REST and Java Transaction API.
47. What do you know about Google Web Toolkit?
48. What do you have to tell us about Akiban ? Describe your Gigaspaces knowledge.
49. Say something about Agile.
50. What kind of experience do you have in DataGrid ?

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