Interview Questions for Employers

Q1. How will I get to know if my performance is up to the mark and meeting the requirements of the organization?
Q2. What is the management style of the organization?
Q3. Is there a procedure of regular performance review?
Q4. What according to you is the most challenging part of this job?
Q5. Can you please elaborate on the organizational structure?
Q6. Who according to you is an ideal employee?
Q7. What is the company policy on relocation to other cities?
Q8. Why did the last person who worked in this post leave the organization?
Q9. What are the skills required to perform well in this job?
Q10. What is the procedure for selecting team members?
Q11. How does the organization deal with employees who are underperforming?
Q12. What is the retention strategy of the organization?
Q13. Is there any compensation for overtime?
Q14. Is there flexibility in the working hours?
Q15. What is the company policy regarding sick leaves?
Q16. How are the decisions regarding promotions made?
Q17. Are there any team building activities done here?
Q18. How is the creativity of the developers enhanced?
Q19. What is the driving force behind the organization?
Q20. What does the organization do to motivate the employees?
Q21. What are the various tools used to manage the project schedules?
Q22. What are the development methodologies used by the organization?

Q23. What are the goals of the department for the coming year?
Q24. How is success measured in the organization?
Q25. What are the daily responsibilities of this job?
Q26. How is exceptional performance rewarded?
Q27. What are the perks and benefits provided by the organization?
Q28. Who will I be reporting to?
Q29. Is there a lot of travel involved in this job?
Q30. How would you describe the culture of the organization?
Q31. What kind of a work environment does the organization have?
Q32. How many people will there be in a team?
Q33. What are the growth prospects in this organization?
Q34. If I am offered this job, how soon can I start?
Q35. Will I be assigned work that involves using interesting and new technologies?
Q36. Which are the developer tools that are mandated?
Q37. Would you prefer a list of references?
Q38. What are the strengths of this organization?
Q39. Is this a new position or am I going to replace someone?
Q40. Does this organization provide any medical benefits?

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