Interview Questions for Epson

General Interview Questions at Epson
Q1. What is an Image?
Q2. Why do you want to work for Epson?
Q3. In case your competitor takes an aggressive step in pricing, how would you react to the situation?
Q4. 6 persons A, B, C, D, E, and F are playing a game of cards. A’s parents and uncle  were in the group. There were two women. B is the mother of A who got  more points than her husband. D got more points than E but less than F.E's niece got the lowest points.A's father got more points than F but would not win the game.
a) Who won the game?
b) Who is the husband of B?
c)  Who received the lowest points?
d)  Who got the second place in the game?
Q5. A is the widow of B.B and C were the only children of E.C is unmarried and is a doctor.D is the granddaughter of E and studies Science.How are D and A related?
Q6. Write the correct sequence: A.Anniversary can be dicey things.B.The opposition could keep its gunpowder dry and ready as well.C.But when it comes to a government celebrating a year or two in office, there can be trouble.D.As long as the dead are being commemorated on a particular day, it is fine. 
Q7. What do you have to say about the power market?
Q8. Pick the odd one out from the following:
a) 3, 6, 52.5, 157.5
 b) Volume, book, saga
c)  38, 4, 3, 20
d)  Chair, bench, pedestal, winch, thrown
Q9. What would your previous employer have to say about you?
Q10. How would you react if you see that your product is converting into a commodity?
Q11. Why should Epson hire you?
Q12. How did you manage conflicting situations at your previous job?
Q13. Give us a fictitious market situation and a layout of its options and tell us which one you are going to choose among the options. Why?
Q14. Do you have any exposure to the corporate environment?
Q15. Which inference should be drawn from the following statements:
    a) All chairs are tables.
    b) All graduates are chairs.
Inferences: (1) all tables are graduates (2) all graduates are tables
Q16. What's the synonym of "embellish"?
Q17. How comfortable would you be working with a large team?
Q18. What's the synonym of "incense"?
Q19. What can you tell us about digital image innovation?
Q20. What's the synonym of "deprecate"?
Interview questions for Sales Executives at Epson
 Q21. What will you do if your competitor is successfully undercutting you on price?
Q22. Tell us about your experience with product series.
Q23. In which rank would you place "product series" in your compensation plans?
Interview Questions for SEO specialist at Epson
Q24. Tell us something about the search engine industry.
Q25. Tell us something about system development and online marketing.
Q26. How well do you understand ROI?
Q27. Do you have the experience of training other marketing areas to produce optimized content?
Q28. As an SEO specialist, do you conduct regular SEO audits on almost every website?
Q29. Do you have an idea of SEO strategies for promotional sites?
Q30. How well can you work on future SEO developments?
Interview questions for Consumer Category Data Analyst at Epson.
 Q31. Tell us about your data management experience.
Q32. Do you have any MS Access experience?
Q33. Do you have any experience in Nielsen SpaceMan?
Q34. Tell us something about Category management.
Q35.  Describe your pivot tables and Macros skills.
Interview Questions for Image Processing Developer.
Q36. Tell us about your C programming skills.

Q37. Tell us about your C++ programming skills.
Interview Questions for Web Developer at Epson.
Q38. What is anonymous function?
Interview Questions for Image Processing Researcher at Epson.
Q39. What's your knowledge about pattern recognition?
Q40. Tell us something about your analytical skills.
Interview Questions for Machine Vision System Designer at Epson.
Q41. Tell us about your VBA skills.
Q42. Have you worked with researchers before?
Q43. Do you have any experience of working with scientists?
Q44. Do you have any experience in creation and maintenance of System Requirements and System Design?
Q45. Tell us about your experience of working in optics and lightning.
Other questions at Epson.
 Q46. Why would you use PRT (Printer Definition File) in reports?
Q47. What is imaging? How can an image be rendered?
 Q48. Tell us about the print image matching technology ideal for digital camera users.
Q49. Tell us about your work experience as a software designer.
Q50. What can you tell us about software imaging?

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