Interview Questions for Ericsson

General Interview Questions at Ericsson
Q1. Why do you want to work for Ericsson?
Q2. What made you choose a career in the IT industry?
Q3. Would it be possible for you to relocate if required?
Q4. How did you rectify your mistakes at your previous job?
Q5. What made you stay in your last company for so long?
Q6. What is the largest number of people you have worked with and how did you deal with them?
Q7. Why do you want to leave your present job?
Q8. Tell us about the major problems at your previous job.
Q9. A ship started on a voyage. After 180 miles a plane started with ten times the speed of the ship. Can you find out the distance these two meet from the starting point?
Q10. Why should Ericsson hire you?
Q11. Give a rough idea of how a mobile phone works.
Q12. Would you like to tell us about your leadership qualities?
Q13. After every 13 seconds, light glows. How many times did the light glow between 1:57:58 and 3:20:47 am?
Q14. What do you think is your biggest weakness?
Q15. Do you want to ask us any questions?
Q16. Do you want to change anything in life?
Q17. Are you referring to other companies aside from Ericsson?
Q18. What is 3G?
Q19. As a manager, what do you think should be the most important things for you?
Q20. The clock ticks 6 times at 6 o’clock. 30 seconds was the time between the first and last ticks. How much time does it take at 12 o’clock?
Q21. A beggar gathers cigarette stubs and is able to make one full cigarette with the help of seven stubs. How many cigarettes can he make out of 49 stubs?
Q22. There are twenty flagpoles in a tournament. These are placed at equidistant from each other. Each runner begins from the first flag. The runner reaches the second flag in 24 seconds. How much time will the runner need to reach the twentieth flag?
Q23. There are N stations on a railroad. 46 additional tickets should be printed after adding X stations. Find out the values of X and N.
Interview Questions for RF Engineer at Ericsson
Q24. What is antenna gain?
Q25. What do you know about dB to dBm conversions?
Interview Questions for Engineers at Ericsson
Q26. What do you know about wave guide propagation pattern?
Q27. Tell us about the different types of measurements sent by UE to the network.
Q28. What do you know about the integration of RBS?
Q29. Tell us something about HSDPA technology.
Interview Questions for Software Developers at Ericsson
Q30. Explain multiple inheritance in C++.
Q31. Introduce your master thesis.
Interview Questions for Software Engineers at Ericsson
Q32. How would you rate your OOP (Java) skills?
Q33. State the difference between interface and abstract class.
Q34. If you are provided with a number, how would you determine if it is a power of 3?
Q35. How can you design a cache for distributed database?
Q36. How would you insert bubble sort using C++?
Interview Question for Solutions Architect at Ericsson
Q37. Given a situation, if you have to sell a solution to a customer who had a bad delivery from your company, how would you do it?

Interview Questions for Interns at Ericsson
Q38. Explain how you would make your Code Thread Safe.
Q39. In a multi thread system, how can a linked list be managed?
Interview Questions for Software Engineer II at Ericsson
Q40. Tell us how you would access array elements without the use of square brackets.
Other Technical questions at Ericsson
Q41. What’s LTE?
Q42. What’s the use of multiplexer?
Q43. Give a detailed description of Hands Off.
Q44. Describe the synchronization in soft handover in UMTS.
Q45. What are the demerits of FDM?
Q46. Explain in detail how you would get a 16:1 multiplexer from a 2:1 multiplexer.
Q47. What does ‘S’ stand for in DNS?
Q48. Give a detailed description of all layers of TCP.
Q49. State the difference between SSL and TCP/IP.
Q50. Describe the synchronization in soft handover in UMTS.

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