Interview Questions for ETL

General ETL Interview Questions

Q1.What do you mean by an ETL tool? Do you really need it?
Q2.Why is it imperative to clean data before you put it in the warehouse?
Q3.Is it possible to see the data in dataset?
Q4.State the difference between power mart and power centre.
Q5.What do you mean by ETL?
Q6.Tell us about Data warehousing and its methodologies.
Q7.State the difference between staging area and ods.
Q8.Tell us about the latest feature of informatica.9.
Q9.What do you mean by connected loops? When are they used? When are unconnected loops used?
Q10.What are non additive facts? What are semi facts? Where are they used?
Q11.What do you mean by metadata extension?
Q12.Say something about ETL transformations.
Q13.Explain the functionalities of some of the ETL tools in detail.
Q14.State the difference between lindex cache and data cache.
Q15.What is the need for implementing surrogate key in ETL process?
Q16.Explain the steps of ETL in detail.
Q17.Describe all the versions of Informatica.
Q18.Say something about Informatica Metadata.
Q19.Say something about Relational Integrity.
Q20.Name some ETL tools.
Q21.What do you know about the user defined environment variables? Can you tell us when they are used?
Q22.State the difference between the OLAP and ETL tools.
Q23.When do you think ETL coding proves more advantageous than PL/SQL and SQL coding?
Q24.Say something about Lookup transform data.
Q25.Name some of the reporting tools found in the market.
Q26.Explain three tier data warehouse.
Q27.What is Nullability? How is it different from cardinality?
Q28.Draw a comparison between Manual development and ETL.
Q29.What is mapping? What is worklet?
Q30.Is Data warehousing possible without the use of ETL?

Interview Questions for ETL Developers

Q31.What kind of experience do you have in Informatica?
Q32.What do you mean by Third Normal form?
Q33.What kind of knowledge and experience do you have in PL/SQL?
Q34.What do you mean by partitioning? Explain in detail how it works.
Q35.How would you work towards our system maintenance if we hire you?
Q36.What is a multi-dimensional database? Why is it used?
Q37.Do you think you are competent enough to manage a large team?
Q38.What are your views about the Software Development lifecycle?
Q39.How adept do you think you are at automation building?
Q40.Do you think you have good communication skills?

Interview Questions for ETL Architects

Q41. Say something about the metadata strategies.
Q42.Describe your unit testing skills.
Q43.Share your knowledge of PeopleSoft ERP.
Q44.What kind of experience do you have in working with SQL server and Oracle?
Q45.How would you contribute towards code review once you are hired?
Q46.How well do you think you can work with DBMS products?
Q47.Describe your defect analysis skills.
Q48.Describe your flatfiles skills.
Q49.Say something about data integration architecture. What can you share with us about Data Warehouse Architecture?
Q50.Describe your UNIX shell scripting skills.

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