Interview Questions for Evalueserve

General Interview Questions Q1. What was the last skill you acquired? Tell us about your experience.

Q2. What do you like to do in your leisure time?
Q3. How would you describe your life  so far?
Q4. What do you know about Knowledge Process Outsourcing?
Q5. Do you have any reservation against working in a different industrial sector than you are currently in?
Q6. Where do you think you will be five years from the present?
Q7. What are your expectations from this job?
Q8. What motivates you when you are under stress?
Q9. Tell us about a project you did under a tight deadline.
Q10. Tell us about a time when you had to keep a secret.
Q11. What skills do you have that you believe will help you in this job profile?
Q12. What managerial experience do you have?
Q13. Why do you want to work in Evalueserve?
Q14. Tell us about the greatest challenge that you have ever faced till now.

Interview Questions related to a specific Functional Area (Life Sciences/ Data Analytics/ Finance/etc.)

Q15. Tell us about your past professional experiences in the Life Sciences.
Q16. Tell us about the petroleum industry of the country.
Q17. What do you know about logistics?
Q18. What do you understand by the term “Data Analytics”?
Q19. What software have you worked with in the past in the field of data analytics? Which one do you prefer?
Q20. What do you know about Data Management?

Market Sizing Interview Questions

Q21. How would you determine the number of burgers McDonald sells in a day?
Q22. What is the Gross Domestic Product of your city?
Q23. Tell us your procedure of determining the total number of ties that at the moment is being worn in India.
Q24. How many television sets are sold in a year in India?
Q25. What is the market size for skirts in Delhi?
Q27. How would you evaluate the size of the energy market in India?
Q28. How will you calculate the number of smart phones in Delhi?
Q29. While creating a strategy to increase the revenue of a retail bank, what parameters will you take into consideration?
Q30. How will you calculate the size of the turpentine market in India?
Q31. Analyze the current market size of anti-dandruff shampoos in India.
Q32. Compare the consumers of fairness creams of the UK and India.
Q33. Evaluate the demand and supply of public buses in your city.
Q34. How would you calculate the market size of razors in the US?
Q35. What do you do if you want to assess the demand for cancer medications in the world?
Q36. How would you forecast the price of cream biscuits five years from today in India?
Q37. How would you ascertain the rough demand for women’s shoes in a state or province?
Q38. How many pizza delivery stations are there in the US?

Q39. What are the different customer segments that you will consider while calculating the use of toilet paper in a year in a geographic area?
Q40. What parameters will you require to forecast the next five years of the recyclable paper producing industry?
Q41. How would you assess the demand of ice-cream making machines in the world?

Interview Questions related to MBA

Q41. Tell us how you can use a stapler without the staple pins. Give five such uses.
Q42. Give us five reasons why one should study MBA.
Q43. How would you assess the situation in Greece at present?
Q44. How is alpha different from beta?
Q45. How would you describe your researching style?
Q46. What do you understand by the term “Price Elasticity Analysis”? Can you give a real life example?
Q47. Name the sources you will use to conduct market research.
Q48. How would you explain the “cost-benefit analysis” to a person who knows nothing about finance, accounting, economics or business?
Q49. What procedure did you follow while applying to Evalueserve?
Q50. How would you better the transportation system of your city?

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