Interview questions at Fidelity

General Interview questions at Fidelity:

Q1. Tell us about your concept of OS.
Q2. What is a sequence diagram?
Q3. INR 2 is deducted from a worker’s salary when he is absent. He is paid INR 10 when present. He gets INR 216 as salary. Calculate the number of days for which he is present.
Q4. Why do you want to work for Fidelity?
Q5. Why do you want to change your current organization?
Q6. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Q7. In the sequence 22, 23, 25, 34, 37, 46, 55, 58, 68 which one will fetch 25 faster - binary algorithm or linear sorting?
Q8. Why do you think Fidelity should hire you?
Q9. What do you think is your greatest strength?
Q10. Coffee costs 10% more. How much should you consume in order to keep the expenditure same?
Q11. Do you have great ambitions?
Q12. Find the cost price of a horse if: it was sold at a loss of 10% and a profit of 10% would have been made had it been sold at INR 150.
  13. What is a mutual fund?
Q14. Given a choice, is there anything you want to change in your life? If yes, then what?
Q15. What kind of challenges did you face in your last job?
Q16. Tell us about a situation when you thought that your manager was not handling a process properly. What did you do?
Q17. Tell us something about the current investment market.
Q18. Tell us what you know about our company.
Q19. Cite an example from your previous job experience which proved that you are really efficient.
Q20. What's your mission in life?

  Interview questions for Senior Java Software Engineer (Java/J2EE) at Fidelity

Q21. Tell us about OOD, OOA and OOP principles and design patterns.
Q22. Do you have any experience of writing ANT build scripts?
Q23. Do you have any experience in Oracle/mySQL?
Q24. What can you tell us about architectural design review?
Q25. Are you proficient in using open source automation tools?
Q26. Say something about Hibernate, iBatis.
Q27. Tell us about Agile software development.

  Interview questions for Research Analyst  at Fidelity

Q28. How can you verify portfolio VaR?
Q29. Tell me about a stock you like and state the reason behind it.
Q30. Can you say whether a tuxedo rental shop would be an attractive business proposition or not?
Q31. Tell us about the investment thesis for your stock.
Q32. Do you have any idea about Google’s business?

  Interview questions for Manager Operations at Fidelity

Q33. Tell us how well you can manage a team.

Q34. Tell us about your analytical skills.
Q35. Tell us something about your Securities Operations background.
Q36.Do you have any exposure to the area of brokerage?
Q37. How well can you identify trends in training issues?

  Interview questions for Systems Engineer/Senior Systems Engineer at Fidelity

Q38. What do you have to tell us about your Unix System administration skills?
Q39. Tell us about your exposure to HP-OO and HP-OVO Sitescope knowledge.
Q40. Do you have any knowledge about VB and Perl?
Q41. Tell us about Unix scripting.
Q42. Tell us how well you can work with customers in understanding monitoring requirements and alerts.
Q43. What do you mean by active directory?
Q44. How can you provide Baseline Monitors?
Q45. Tell us about your experience in the Environment support field.

Other Technical questions at Fidelity

Q46. State the differences between C, C++, C# and Java.
Q47. Tell us about the data points in Oracle.
Q48. What do you understand by shallow copy and deep copy?
Q49. Tell us about the process of calculating NAV.
Q50. What do you mean by thread and process?

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