Interview questions for FMCG Merchandiser

Q1. What do you understand by primary sales?
Q2. What can you say about point-of-purchase materials?
Q3. Do you know what point-of-sale materials are?

Q4. What do you understand by the terms reach and coverage in the context of FMCG?
Q5. Can you sell a failed product to a customer?
Q6. How will you sell a product that is not too well-known in the market?
Q7. Tell us what you know about secondary sales.
Q8. How can sales be increased in FMCG?
Q9. Why would you like to join the FMCG industry?
Q10. How will you sell a product to a new customer?
Q11. Sell this pen to me.
Q12. What do you know about the products of our company?
Q13. What do you understand by targets in FMCG?
Q14. How can an angry store manager be handled?
Q15. What according to you are the various roles of an FMCG merchandiser?
Q16. Will you be open to working extra hours during special occasions like sales promotions?
Q17. Tell us how you would display the products in the store so that they catch the customer’s attention.
Q18. Do you have any experience in handling sales statistics?
Q19. Do you think an FMCG merchandiser requires good communication skills?
Q20. How would you analyze sales information?
Q21. What can you say about the latest trends in the FMCG industry?
Q22. FMCG merchandisers often have to travel a lot; will you be comfortable with that?
Q23. Do you think customer care has an important role to play in the FMCG industry?
Q24. How would you define FMCG merchandisers in a sentence?
Q25. Have you ever prepared inventory reports?
Q26. Do you prefer to work alone or as a member of a team?
Q27. Which software do you usually use to maintain and monitor stocks?
Q28. What are the skills required to become a good FMCG merchandiser?
Q29. Are good negotiation skills required in an FMCG merchandiser?
Q30. Have you ever set up sales promotions?

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