Interview Questions for Ford India

Q1.Why do you think Ford India should hire you?
Q2.Tell about a time when you thought that you had achieved something big in your previous job.
Q3.If you and your team are entrusted with a secret project of our company, how do you plan to keep the project a secret from your own close friends from the company?
Q4.Describe the last major project you worked on in detail. What was your role in that project?
Q5.Do you know anyone who works in our company?
Q6.Tell us about one thing that you can do that the other candidates attending this interview today cannot do.
Q7.Tell us about the most recent headlines about our company that you have come across. How do you think that is going to affect our company? Is it going to affect us in anyway?
Q8.What do you know about our company?
Q9.Can you tell us anything about the latest products from our company?
Q10.Why do you want to join our company when you already have an offer from another big name in the industry?
Q11.Please share with us the process improvement suggestions made by you at your previous job. How far do you think had they worked?
Q12.Please answer the question by choosing one of the options provided to you. Suppose there is a fire in the office. What will be your immediate action in that case---- (a) Save others present in the office (b) run away (c) call the fire service?
Q13.How would you rate your creative skills on a scale of 1-10? Would you at all say that you are a creative individual?
Q14.How important is etching out a career at Ford for you?
Q15.Tell us about a risk that you had taken in the decision making process.
Q16.How can you relate your own ambitions or goals with those of our company?
Q17.Was there ever a time when you had come with a truly innovative solution for the company you worked for? If yes, then please tell us about it in detail.   
Q18.Why do you want to work with us?
Q19.What can you do for our company if we hire you?
Q20.Do you have an idea about the public reviews of our products and services in the market?
Q21.Are you planning to get married anytime soon?
Q22.Tell us about your 5 year goals.
Q23.Describe all the projects you have worked on till date.
Q24.Tell us how you would deal with a team which according to you is not cooperative enough?
Q25.What do you think are your biggest strengths?
Q26.Do you have any idea about Ford’s upcoming products?
Q27.What do you know about MS Excel tools?
Q28.Tell us about the biggest challenges that you had to face in your previous job.
Q29.Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Q30.What are your weaknesses?
Q31.How would you react to a situation when as a team lead you are unaware of the conflict between two of your team members that has affected progress?

Specific interview questions at Ford:

Q1.How would you differentiate between AC and DC?
Q2.Tell us what you would do in the given situation. You are heading a production line, and you find that one of the safety guarding is not there on the conveyor when the production supervisor wants to wishes to start production.
Q3.Tell us the meaning of Accountancy.
Q4.What do you mean by BRS?
Q5.Is it possible to just start a diesel engine with petrol and vice versa?
Q6.What is a call option?
Q7.What do you mean by HR Management?
Q8.Give us the technical reason behind using a Flywheel
Q9.Please choose the correct option. Fans are present in electric motors to dissipate heat. How does the fan perform this function--- by exhausting the heated air produced while running or by absorbing atmospheric air?
Q10.What can you tell us about a put option?
Q11.What is warrant?
Q12.What is ECU?
Q13.Tell us the reason why bikes have bigger tyres and cars smaller.
Q14.Tell us about the basic process of testing engines.
Q15.What do you mean by injector pressure in heavy tyre?
Q16.What is derivative?
Q17.Please share your knowledge of the Accounting standards with us.
Q18.Two piston crankshaft--- what is it?
Q19.What are air magnetic conductors? Why are they used?

Last Updated On: 3/22/2013

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