Funny Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you quit your last job?
Ans: I Quit it as I have problems with authority.

Q2. Why do you want to work for our company?
Ans: My resume will look really cool with the name of this company on it.

Q3. Which are the things that motivate you?
Ans: Money is the only motivating factor in my life. A person who denies it is a liar.

Q4. Why are you looking for a job?
Ans: I need a job as alcohol has become more expensive.

Q5. What is your biggest weakness?
Ans: Girls

Q6. Tell us about some accomplishment in your last job.
Ans: If I would have had any accomplishments there, I would not have applied for a job in your company. I would have asked for a raise and stayed there.

Q7. Tell us about a mistake that you committed and what you learnt from it.
Ans: The fact that I joined my last company was the worst mistake of my life and I learnt that I had to get away from there to look for something better.

Q8. What are the career goals that you have set for yourself?
Ans: To earn more money and for that to change companies every 2 years.

Q9. What according to you would be the ideal job?
Ans: I would not want to sit through boring meetings, smile and be nice to my colleagues throughout the day, and so monotonous work.

Q10.  Describe yourself in three adjectives.
Ans: I hate such questions.

Q11. Why are you interested in this position?
Ans: Because no other company has shown any interest in me.

Q12. Have you served the notice period with your current employer?
Ans: I have no idea about the resignation procedure as I have never quit my job but have always been fired.

Q13. Why should our company hire you?
Ans: Because I can prove to be extremely beneficial for the event management department as I party a lot.

Q14. Do you have any questions for us?
Ans: How much do you get paid for holding such interviews?

Q15. From when can you start coming to work?
Ans: I have to ask my mother about it.

Q16. Have you ever demonstrated any leadership skills?
Ans: I have definitely been able to make a mark in the online video gaming scene.

Q17. Tell us about the time when you had problems with a colleague and how the issue got resolved.
Ans: The problem was solved when both of us got fired.

Q18. Is there anything that you do not enjoy doing?
Ans: I do not like to clean my bathtub.

Q19. Tell us about your experience.
Ans: You have had an entire week to review my resume but you are still unaware about my experience. That is extremely typical of Human Resources!

Q20. Do you have any long-term goals?
Ans: I would like it if I have your job.

Q21. How much salary do you expect and how would you justify it?
Ans: Nobody would change jobs for the same salary, that is the reason why I am asking for a 30% hike from the old salary.

Q22. Where do your interests lie?
Ans: I am pretty interested in women.

Q23. Do you get along with your co-workers?
Ans: I get along fine, as long as they mind their own business.

Q24. Have you ever lost your temper on any of your colleagues?
Ans: I do not believe in getting angry, I believe in getting even.

Q25. How do you deal with change?
Ans: I change everyday, unless I am out of fresh clothes.

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