Interview Questions for GAIL

GAIL hires candidates for many divisions and different job profiles. Though it varies from profile to profile, but some of the questions being asked in GAIL interviews are quite common. We have tried to list them down here. These questions are applicable for many GAIL divisions such as admin, purchasing, marketing, engineering, human resources, information technology and sales etc.

Some Common GAIL Interview Questions

We'll divide questions according to different stages of the interview:

Introductory Questions or Warm Up:

These are also called cozying up questions, where the interviewer uses the opportunity to know more about you and it also sets the stage for further discussion and more subjective interaction later on. The interviewee should use the opportunity to market himself in an indirect and articulate manner in this stage. So the first question usually is:

Q1.Tell me something about yourself /or introduce yourself.

Checking enthusiasm and eagerness:

Q2.Explain how you would be an asset to GAIL?
Q3. What makes you decide to work for GAIL?
Q4. What can you do for GAIL that other candidates canít?
Q5. Do you know anyone who works at GAIL?
Q6. What do you know about GAIL?

Temperament and attitude questions:

Q7. How do you assess your success on your job?
Q8. What matters most to you, the interests of your organization or your own interest?
Q9. Can you cite a few mistakes of yours on the job, which made you learn something concrete?
Q10. Do you rate yourself as overqualified for this job profile?
Q11. Imagine you are working for GAIL, what you must be doing?
Q12. Please tell me some products/services that are competitors of GAIL's in the market? And what are the differences?
Q13. Why should GAIL hire you or what do you bring on board?
Q14. Are you open to relocation (anywhere in India), if that's required?
Q15. What do you think you can contribute to this company, if given an opportunity to work with us?
Q16. Which is your dream company and why?
Q17. As far as work domain is concerned what do you prefer?
Q18. Tell me something about your training/internship?

Gel with GAIL:

Q19. How do you describe your management style?
Q20. Can you explain how your previous experience may bring you more success in this job profile?
Q21. Imagine yourself to be in the shoes of an HR executive of this company, what would you expect from the candidate?
Q22. Think of a few ways, you can lessen the impact of your lack of experience?
Q23. Can you postpone your leaves if the task assigned to you is urgent?
Q24. Though the organization takes care of your individual and career growth, but at times, your growth/promotion in the organization may not be according to your expectations; are you ready for this situation?
Q25. Do you prefer to be a manager or a leader? What do you think is more important and why?
Q26. Do you think a manager is a leader as well? If yes, give an example.
Q27. Who is more important your team or you? Explain your answer.
Q28. Whatís the most desired factor for the overall success of a team?
Q29. Who do you think is your role model?
Q30. If you have a confrontation with your boss or a coworker at the workplace, how would you handle it?
Q31. Can you handle people with ego issues, especially if they are senior to you?
Q32. If you differ with your manager or supervisor over an issue, how will you present your views?


Q33. Do you know any of the products or services offered by GAIL for Indian market? Tell me their features.
Q34. Can you describe GAILís business? What do you know about GAIL as a company?

Technical questions:

Q35. What is difference between reciprocating compressor and rotating compressor?
Q36. Tell me something about Rankine cycle? What are its components and what are their purposes?
Q37. Why compressor is not used and itís send to boiler?
Q38. There is more work input in compressor as compared to pumps. Tell me the property of fluid that is responsible for it.
Q39. Explain hot tapping.
Q40. Explain the process of carbon dioxide being separated from natural gas?
Q41. Whatís your favorite subject/field of study?
Q42. Describe different types of turbines.

Questions related to common sense

Q43. Justify Indian investment in space missions, provided the fact that we are still a poverty ridden nation with more than 35% people with extreme poverty level.

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