Interview Questions for Genpact

Q1. Do you like to work with a team or on your own?
Q2. What are the Qualities that you would like your boss to have?
Q3. How was the evaluation of your performance done in your previous organization?
Q4. If you feel that an assigned task can be completed in a particular way and your colleague thinks otherwise, how would you resolve the conflict?
Q5. Tell us about how you feel doing repetitive work.
Q6. How would you handle a team member who is constantly performing below the required standards?
Q7. How many local trains do you think run in Mumbai?
Q8. If there is an increase in the number of creditors, how would funds flow affect the working capital?
Q9. What do you understand by DBMS?
Q10. What would be the syntax of view?
Q11. Differentiate between latch and flip-flop.
Q12. What is Raise_application_error?
Q13. How can table data be displayed in the XML format with the help of SQL server?
Q14. What do you know about the Sybase group?
Q15. How are Sybase and JDBC related to each other?
Q16. What are the different types of joins?
Q17. What are the various kinds of kill signals?
Q18. Why do we prefer using % ROWTYPE and % TYPE over other datatypes?
Q19. What do you understand by shell variables?
Q20. Differentiate between Delete and Truncate.
Q21. What do you know about class access modifiers?
Q22. Explain: Recursion Function.
Q23. How is a unique key different from a primary key?

Q24. If the length and the breadth of a rectangle are doubled, by what percentage would its area increase?
Q25. What do you know about master-detail triggers?
Q26. What are the various uses of OCI?
Q27. In a database how many redo log files will be required?
Q28. What is Restricted Mode of Instance Startup?
Q29. What is the procedure for printing the output of an SQL statement from SPUFI?
Q30. Differentiate between EXISTS subselect and IN subselect.
Q31. What purpose does Normalization serve?
Q32. Tell us what you know about library functions.
Q33. How would you define BCNF?
Q34. Why should Genpact hire you?
Q35. What do you know about GENPACT?
Q36. Explain how MAXCORE works.
Q37. What do you understand by Virtual BC?
Q38. Is EXIT_FORM a restricted package procedure?
Q39. Why do you want to join Genpact?
Q40. What is Recursion Function?

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