Interview Questions for Google

Q1. How can the Gmail subscription base be given a boost?
Q2. Why do you want to be hired by Google?
Q3. How can 3 stacks be implemented in a single array?
Q4. What is the difference between a hashmap and a hashtable?
Q5. Explain the process through which congestion control works in the TCP protocol.
Q6. How can a class library for writing card games be designed?
Q7. Tell us about an innovative way through which the brand name and the products of Google can be marketed.
Q8. Who according to you are the competitors of Google?
Q9. How would you explain the term ‘database’ using only three sentences to your ten year old child?
Q10. How can a million integers be sorted in the most efficient manner?
Q11. How many piano tuners will you be able to find in the planet?
Q12. How can a simple search engine be designed?
Q13. If you are given a binary tree how would you programmatically prove that it is a binary tree?
Q14. Let us say, there are x number of companies and all of them have to be merged to form one organization. In how many ways can that be done?
Q15. According to you how many software engineers send in their resumes to Google every year?
Q16. How would you handle angry advertisers on the phone?
Q17. How can you store one million phone numbers?
Q18. How much time would it take to sort one trillion numbers?
Q19. If the time is 3:15, what is the difference between the angles of the hour hand and the minute hand?
Q20. How would you describe the algorithm for a depth-first graph traversal?

Q21. What according to you are the challenges that are being faced by Google?
Q22. If you had to wash all the windows in Delhi, how much would you charge for the same?
Q23. What is the significance of ‘dead beef’?
Q24. Why do you think manhole covers are round?
Q25. If South Africa is facing a latency problem, how would you diagnose it?
Q26. Tell us about a technical problem that you faced and how you resolved it.
Q27. Do you keep yourself abreast with the latest technologies? Tell us which technology you have read about recently.
Q28. Think of a creative way in which you can advertise that technology in Question.
Q29. What do you know about Google’s products and technologies?
Q30. How much revenue do you think Google receives from Gmail ads?
Q31. How many golf balls can be fit inside a school bus?
Q32. How can cookies be passed in the HTTP protocol?
Q33. What do you understand by multithreaded programming?
Q34. In the context of Java, what is the difference between final and finalize?
Q35. What do you understand by the term ‘deadlock’?

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