Interview Questions and Answers for Grasim Industries

Grasim Industries is one of the pioneers in building materials in India. It was founded in 1948 as a textile manufacturing company and later diversified into various industries such as fibre and pulp, chemicals, cement and textiles. The company currently holds 21 percent of the market share in viscose rayon fibre production, putting it on the second spot globally. It currently has 40 companies across 12 countries. This is a company that can undoubtedly guarantee steady growth of employees. The selection process is quite simple if you prepare correctly.

The selection process begins with a written test, which is followed by a one on one interview. The interview is partly technical but is mostly personal and aimed at assessing behaviour of the candidate. There may be more than one interview and a group discussion round depending upon the post that you are applying for. Here are a few common questions that are asked in the personal interview round in Grasim Industries Limited.

Q1.Please introduce yourself?

A.This is usually the first question asked in any interview. The answer should be tactful. You need to talk about yourself in relation to the requirements of the job. Study the portfolio and prepare an answer that shows that you are tailor made for the job.

Q2.Tell us what you know about Grasim Industries Limited?

A.Give a brief about the industry. Talk about the following:
  • Year of launch
  • Parent company
  • Growth
  • Global reach
  • Percentage share in the market
  • Upcoming projects
  • Anything else you find in latest news about the company

Q3.What is it about Grasim Industries that will help you progress in your career?

A.Sample answer: There are two aspects about Grasim Industries that attract be because I know they will help me progress in my career. Firstly, the work culture in the company is reputed to be conducive to growth. The company is oriented towards development, very encouraging and offers numerous growth opportunities to employees. Secondly, the company is poised at a very interested position now. The textile industry is growing rapidly and Grasim is one of the major players. So, as an employee, I am sure that I will have a very stimulating and challenging experience that leads to a substantial progress in my career.

Q4.Why have you chosen to work with us?

A.Career growth is not the only priority for employees and recruiters know that. So, focus on the benefits it will have on you with regard to your career as well as your personal life.

Sample answer: The growth opportunities in Grasim are tremendous. Besides, the work culture at Grasim offers a great work/life balance, which will help me enhance my productivity multifold. Besides, the brand is so prestigious that being a part of brand Grasim will be a matter of pride and privilege for me.

Q5.How is the post that you have applied for related to your area of study?

A.Relate the subjects you studied to the different requirements of the job. Here again, you need a strong understanding of the job profile so that you can come up with a relevant answer.

Q6.Can you name some verticals that Grasim Industries Limited is catering?

A.This is a question that brings out whether you are truly interested in the industry and the company instead of just the job. So, study about the company and memorize the different avenues in which the company has business interests.

Q7.Grasim Industries has operations spread over several verticals. Name the product manufactured by Grasim that you think has maximum potential in the future in terms of development and also tell us why?

A.An analysis of the company profile and performance of its products can help you answer this question accurately.

Q8.What traits do you possess that you think will help you excel in the post that you are applying for?

Q9.In case of a conflict between personal goals and company’s interests, how would you resolve it? Would you put the company’s interest before yours?

A.Begin by diffusing the seriousness of the question with some smart humor. If nothing witty comes to your mind, take a few seconds to smile or chuckle.

You should say that putting company's interest before yours will be your priority but give a proper reasoning that would convince the interviewer that you are not being merely diplomatic.

Sample answer: If I face such a situation, I would definitely put the company’s interest before mine because I know that in the long run, I can truly grow only if the company grows and takes me along. So, trying to grow at the cost of company’s interest would do me no good in the long run. I believe in mutual collaborative growth. My natural choice would be the company’s interests.

Q10.Given your experience, what are some of your on-the-job observations that will help you contribute positively to this company?

A.Be very practical here and point out your genuine observations.

Sample answer: My experience has taught me very profound lessons. My first observation is that productivity of an employee follows the principle of diminishing marginal utility. After a period of time, the initial enthusiasm fades and productivity falls. So, I would make a conscious attempt to prevent this and enhance my productivity continuously. Secondly, I have observed that managing time is the most important aspect of any job. If done right, it can add hours to the day and enhance output qualitatively and quantitatively. Thirdly, one factor that either hampers or enhances productivity is the relationship with co-workers. I would do my best to be part of the team and work in collaboration so that the quality of output is not hampered.

Q11.Can you tell us what you understand about the export/import business?

A.Give a brief outline about the industry. Make the answer original and give your personal point of view about the business. Highlight that the business has a good future since the world functions because of the efficient import-export infrastructure in the world.

Q12.What do you predict for this industry in the next two years, growth, fall or neither?

A.It can be interested if you present some areas in which the company lacks and say that if these things are not corrected, the company’s growth might stagnate. However, also make sure that you showcase a lot of positive aspects about the company that reinforce its growth. In any case, do not say that the industry wil fall because it diffuses your intention of applying for the job.

Q13.What are the current trends in global trade? Are you aware of some legalities involved?

Q14.We are currently positioned at the second spot in viscose rayon fibre production. Do you know who is placed first?

A.Read newspapers and business magazines to be able to answer these questions accurately.

Q15.What strategic improvements can we make to get ahead of them?

A.Highlight aspects that according you are the drawbacks of the company and are keeping it from getting ahead of competitors. Do not hesitate to point out drawbacks. Recruiters will be happy to see that you have spent time on researching about the working of the company. However, tone down the criticism.

Q16.Describe your style of management.

A.Your focus should be to portray that you can handle a position of leadership under different circumstances, even when things get tough.

A.Sample answer: My style of management is flexible subject to the situation at hand. I have noticed that the ability to adapt to circumstances and altering style of management accordingly is the sign of a good leader and I do my best to follow this. I would begin by understanding the situation including employee behavior, pace of work, working conditions, requirements and other aspects and decide the best management style which could be directive, authoritative, affiliative, pace-setter or participative.

Q17.What have been you biggest career related achievements till date?

A.You might have had numerous achievements to your credit. However, the achievement that you consider to be the biggest might not be exactly the kind of achievement that the interviewer is looking for. So, study the profile, understand the requirements and talk about an achievement that is relevant to the needs of the job. After relating such an achievement, you can talk about the successful experience that according to you was the best in your career.

Q18.If you were not working for us, where would you see yourself?

A.This could be a sort of trick question to evaluate whether you really are interested in the garment industry and the challenges that come with it.

Sample answer: I would still see myself as part of the textile industry. I am certain that this industry has tremendous growth potential, especially in the changing social and cultural scenario of the country. I would definitely want to be a part of an industry poised for growth.

Q19.If you were hiring someone for your post right now, what are the qualities you would look for in that person?

A.Speak about qualities that you think are suitable for the job. But make sure that most of these qualities are present in you. at the same time, do not mention only the qualities in you because the answer would seem diplomatic.

Q20.Do you possess these qualities? How can you assure us?

A.Yes, I do possess most of these qualities. I can relate my past experiences when I had to display these qualities to tackle the situation.

Q21.Tell us in brief why Grasim should hire you and how you can contribute to our growth?

A.Show that you can contribute positively to the growth of the company and are passionate about the job. Never talk about monetary aspects such as the good remuneration or bonuses that you expect. Study the job profile, get an understanding of what is expected from the recruit and highlight those qualities in you.

Sample answer: Grasim should hire me because I am enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated to any job I take up. I am thoroughly committed to my job and am adaptive to circumstances. I also believe that my previous experiences and education make me suitable for the job.

Q22.India being a developing country, do you think Grasim should focus on intensifying growth locally or become over aggressive in global growth?

A.Answer this question after analysing the current drift of the company. However, you must put your views forward in order to establish yourself as an independent thinker and analyzer.

Sample answer: I would vote for intensive local growth. India has tremendous potential in cultivating raw materials such as cotton, wool and silk required in the textile industry. An industry leader such as Grasim needs to encourage local production so that it can bring a change in the farming sector related to textiles. As of now, the farming community suffers because of poor quality production and inadequate storage facility. By intensifying local growth, Grasim can establish itself as a socially responsible brand, without compromising on its profits. On this foundation, the company can expand globally.

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