Interview Questions - HDFC

Q1.Why do you want to join HDFC?
Q2.Tell us the difference between Reserve and Provision.
Q3.Tell us a little about the current financial market. What kind of trends do you anticipate for this industry?
Q4.What do you understand by the term “working capital”?
Q5.Why do you think HDFC should hire you?
Q6.Tell us how would you like to differentiate between marketing and sales.
Q7.Tell us about the difference between real account and nominal account.
Q8.Do you have the experience of ever managing a team in your professional life?
Q9.Do you have any knowledge about Capital iq? Can you define it for us?
Q10.Can you show closing stock in trail balance? Give reasons for your answer.
Q11.Who wrote Ghasiram Kotwal?
Q12.Can you tell us anything about your knowledge of our company?
Q13.Tell us about the employer and employee contribution to Provident Fund.
Q14.How good a team player do you think you are?
Q15.Describe you current job responsibilities stating clearly how they would help us.
Q16.Tell us about your greatest achievement/achievements till date.
Q17.What do you know about hypothecation? What is mortgage? What is pledge? Tell us about the basic differences between them in brief.
Q18.Do you have any knowledge of basic accounting?
Q19.State the basis on which the issuing of currency notes depends.
Q20.Calculate the sum of money when, the difference between the compound and simple interest on the same is INR 1.50 at 5% per year.
Q21.Tell us about the major challenges faced by you at your previous job, thereby stating clearly how you dealt with each of those challenges.
Q22.Tell us about your customer handling skills.
Q23.Which one is the odd one out from the following group--- (a) Moon (b) Venus (c) Earth (d) Pluto (e) Saturn
Q24.What have you learnt from your mistakes?
Q25.X, Y and Z are contract workers whose fees are INR 550. X and Y usually do 7/11th of the work. Calculate the amount of money earned by Z.
Q26.Do you think you are overqualified for this job?
Q27.Can you tell us anything about RBI?
Q28.What is finance?
Q29.State some of the qualities which you think make you an undisputed choice for this post.
Q30.What is capital market?

Accounting Interview Questions at HDFC

Q31.Do you have any question for us?
Q32.What is Standard Accounting?
Q33.Tell us about the different accounting applications which you are acquainted with.
Q34.State the golden rule of accounting.
Q35.As an individual involved with Accounting, what do you think are the biggest challenges faced by modern day accountants? Describe the role played by you in collections.
Q36.Tell us about the new schedule VI in detail. Have you ever mediated an invoice dispute? If yes then how?
Q37.What is Sweep Account?
Q38.How is it possible to rectify wrong entries?
Q39.What do you mean by book keeping?
Q40.Tell us about a contra entry in detail.

Possible Interview Questions for HDFC Assistant Branch Manager

Q41.What kind of experience do you have in Sales?
Q42.Tell us a little about your Branch Administration credentials.
Q43.How would you rate your co ordination skills?
Q44.What do you mean by account attrition?
Q45.Rate your supervising skills.
Q46.How would you contribute towards our Support team by facilitating sales target in your branch, if you are hired?
Q47.Tell us about interpersonal skills.
Q48.How adept do you think you are with financial services?
Q49.Tell us about Banking Operation Knowledge.
Q50.Describe your review skills.

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