IAF Interview Questions

Q1.Why do you want to join the Indian Air Force?
Q2.State which among these is the oldest monarchy in the world--- (a) Nepal (b) Japan (c) Saudi Arabia (d)UK
Q3.Name the current chief of Indian Air Force.
Q4.Can you tell us about the latest developments in Indian Air Force?
Q5.Elaborate on the role played by the Indian Air Force in the security of the country.
Q6.Name the biggest source of revenue in India--- (a) Excise Duty (b) Sales Tax (c) Corporate Tax (d) Income Tax
Q7.What really will motivate you to serve your country even if there is a chance that you will be paid less than those working in the civil world?
Q8.What do you know about the hierarchy of ranks in the Indian Air Force?
Q9.Choose the correct option—Which country among these is the biggest producer of sugarcane in the world—(a) Pakistan (b) Cuba (c) Pakistan (d) China
Q10.Which of the following statements is correct--- (a) Six times six is eleven (b) Six and six is eleven (c) Six times six are eleven (d) Six and six are eleven (e) None is correct
Q11.State the 3 primary colors in a Color TV---- (a) Orange, red, green (b) Blue, red, orange (c) Yellow, red, green (d) Red, green ,blue
Q12.What is the biggest news doing the rounds about Indian Air Force today?
Q13.How difficult or easy do you think would it be for you to leave your civil life and join the Indian Air Force?
Q14.Gas particles at room temperature will (a) Collide with the walls of a container (b) Vibrate to and fro (c) Will generate pressure on the container walls (d) All of them are true (e) None of them is true
Q15. Which among these is the best conductor of electricity—(a) Gold (b) Copper (c) Silver (d) Aluminium?
Q16.Name the person who acts as the presiding officer of a House without being its member---- (a) Speaker of Lok Sabha (b) Speaker of Legislative Assembly (c) Vice President of India (d) Chairman of Legislative Council (e) None of them
Q17.What do you think are the biggest risks of taking up an Indian Air Force job? Would you like to join this profession even after knowing that there are greater risks involved?
Q18.Complete the series 16, 13, 17, 12, 18, 11….
Q19.What will you to do if we do not select you?
Q20. How can you obtain impedance inversion---- By (a) An open circuited stub (b) A half wave line (c) A short circuited club (d) A quarter wave line?
Q21. Choose the correct option--- Which one of these options is not related to Yagi-uda array---- (a) Parasitic Elements (b) High Gain (c) Good Band width (d) Folded Dipole
Q22. Tell us something about Carnot Cycle.
Q23.Tell us a little bit about your knowledge of Thermo Dynamics.
Q24. How can you code PROVIDENCE as, if APPEAR is coded as “PAEPRA”--- (a) EORIVEOCEP (b) PROIVEDNLNE (c) RPVODINEEC (d) PROVPINECE?
Q25.State how the following situation can be reached at. A total of 25 chocolates to be distributed among 7 children in such a manner that each of them should get at least 3 chocolates.
Q26.Complete the series 2, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18
Q27. State the minimum number of ducks that can swim in a pond in the following manner--- Two ducks are in front of a duck, two behind a duck and one in between two ducks--- (a) 1 (b) 10 (c) 3 (d) 5 (e)8
Q28.The 21st century began/will begin on 1st January in the year—(a) 2101 (b) 2001 (c) 2011 (d) 2100 (e) None of the answers is correct
Q29.Select the odd pair here—(a) Sturdy- Healthy (b) Good- Nice (c) Bulky-Fat (d) Light- Heavy
Q30.Find the odd pair: (a) 8 - 64  (b) 3 - 9 (c) 6 - 36 (d) 2 - 4 (e) 4 – 16
Q31.Name the first state which was organized on the basis of language after Independence—(a) Karnataka (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Kerala
Q32.Choose the correct option when 36 is to 4 as 9 is to (a) 5 (b) 27 (c) 18 (d) 1 (e) None
Q33.Fill in: 23, 27, 49, -------, 72, 32

Q34.Which among these does the number of active picture elements in a TV image depend on---- (a) CRT screen size (b) FB ratio of receiver antenna (c) Fly back time (d) Received band width (e) None
Q35.Name the most common material used for making solar cell
Q36. Sound waves are (a) latitudinal (b) longitudinal (c) None
Q37.It is possible to make a half adder from (a) A NOT gate and an OR gate (b) An AND gate and an X-OR gate (c) Two NAND gates (d) An AND gate and an OR gate
Q38.What do you think is the best way to serve your country?
Q39.Why should we hire you?
Q40.Tell us about the best experience of your life. Give reasons.
Q41.What has been the worst experience in your life?
Q42.State whether the statement is True r False--- Pressure is measured by Stroboscope.
Q43.Tell us about your organizational skills
Q44.What does BSNZ mean if JOEJB means INDIA—(a) ARMY  (b) CTOA (c) BASF (d) KRAL (e) None
Q45.What can you tell us about George Kennedy?
Q46.How good a leader do you think you are?
Q47.What do you know about Indian Air Force?
Q48.Do you know anything about RLC Networks?
Q49.How do you deal with failure?
Q50.Tell us about one of the weirdest moments of your life.

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