Interview Questions for IBM Daksha

Interview questions are designed to understand the candidate’s knowledge, attitude and personality. Hence, they are based on the subject specialization of the candidate, work experience and behavioral questions. In order to have a better idea of what you might be asked, here is a set of some sample interview questions to help you with your preparation.

Q1.Describe yourself in a few words.
Q2.What is the reason for quitting your last job?
Q3.How many years of experience do you have in the given field?
Q4.What are your career plans for the next 5 years?
Q5.Are you interested in studying further?
Q6.How much knowledge do you have about this organization?
Q7.How do you improve your skills and knowledge?
Q8.What kind of interests do you have?
Q9.How would you define your own success as a professional individual?
Q10.Point out a few of your positive and negative aspects.
Q11.What steps would you take to work on your negatives?
Q12.What kind of reputation did you have in the last organization you worked for?
Q13.Are you looking at other jobs at the present moment?
Q14.What about the company, interests you to work for it?
Q15.Do you know anyone working here?
Q16.What kind of pay are you expecting from us?
Q17.Would you call yourself a team player?
Q18.Are you interested in co-curricular activities?
Q19.What is your subject of specialization?
Q20.What kind of attitude would you like to have for this job?
Q21.Do you think you would be an asset for this company? If yes, why?
Q22.Have you ever worked in a supervisory role in the past? If yes, what were your tasks?
Q23.You might have to travel if you are hired for this job. Do you think you will be comfortable with that?
Q24.If you are given a chance to pick a dream job for yourself, what would be it?
Q25.Give us a few strong reasons why you should be hired for this position?
Q26.What made you apply for this job?
Q27.What is your motivation for performing better at your job?
Q28.Would you call yourself a fast learner?
Q29.Tell us about your expectations from this job?
Q30.Tell us about the kind of people you absolutely detest working with?
Q31.What is more important to you quantity/quality of work?
Q32.If you fail to achieve something, how do you deal with it?
Q33.How good are you at handling work pressure?
Q34.Do you believe you have competent skills for this job?

Q35.This job might involve working overtime, weekends and even nights when required. Do you think you will be able to work under such situations?
Q36.What achievements would make you a successful professional?
Q37.If your job requires you to be relocated, do you think you would be willing to do that?
Q38.How important would the company’s interest be for you?
Q39.Tell us about some of your blind spots?
Q40.What aspects would you be looking for in interviewees, if you were to choose someone for this job?
Q41.Do you think you are overqualified for this job?
Q42.Your experience is not sufficient for this position. If we hire you, how would you make up for it?
Q43.What qualities do you want to see in your supervisor?
Q44.Have you ever contributed in resolving a troubled situation at work? How?
Q45.While working for a project in a team, what role would you be comfortable working at?
Q46.Tell us about your work ethics?
Q47.Tell us about your greatest achievement so far?
Q48.Tell us about some disappointments you have faced in your professional career?
Q49.Is there a preference of location where you want to work?
Q50.You may go ahead and ask questions if you have any.
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