Interview questions for IDBI Bank

Q1.Why do you want to work for us?
Q2.Why should we hire you?
Q3.Would you be comfortable with rural postings?
Q4.Tell us how would you convince customers of other banks to apply for loans at IDBI Bank?
Q5.What according to you should be the definition of success? Or tell us what success means to you.
Q6.Have you applied in any other bank other than IDBI?
Q7.How do you plan to reach targets set by the controlling office?
Q8.What kind of knowledge do you have about IDBI bank?
Q9.16 boys can complete a project in 8 days. The same project is finished in 16 days by 20 girls. 10 girls and 12 boys work together for 6 days. Calculate how many more days would be needed by only 10 women to complete the same project--- (a) 16 (b) 8 (c) 4 (d) 10 (e) None of these answers is correct.
Q10.The number of fishes in a pond increases by 10 per cent at the end of each year. There were 2, 14,000 fishes in the pond at the beginning of 2006. How many fishes would be there at the end of 2008--- (a) 2,64,328, (b) 2,35,400 (c) 2,98,644 (d) 2,68,940 (e) None of the answers is correct.
Q11.Have you ever handled contradictory? situations at your previous bank? If yes tell us about the entire incident in detail.
Q12.Are you interested in any other industry than banking? If yes, which industry would you prefer? If not, tell us about your reasons for not being interested in any other industry.
Q13.Arjun and Avishka are willing to attend a workshop between 9 am and 5 p.m on Saturday. Avishka will not be able to leave her office until the lunch break which is at 1.30 pm. Arjun however would be free to attend the workshop after his meeting that gets over at noon. Calculate the total number of hours for which they can attend the workshop--- (a) two and a half hours (b) three and half hours (c) four and half hours (d) None of these (e) Cannot be determined
Q14.Tell us why would you like to join our company when you are already being paid more at your present organization?
Q15.Have you attended any bank interview earlier?
Q16.Find out the incorrect number in the series--- 217 224 213 226 210 228  (a) 226 (b) 228 (c) 213 (d) 210 (e) None of them
Q17.Please speak on the topic for two or three minutes: “Do you think that the Mall culture is detrimental for our youth?”
Q18.Where do you want to see yourself three years from now?
Q19. A box has 7 blue and 4 green balls. If I pick 3 balls at random, what is the probability that only 2 of these balls are blue--- (a) 11/28 (b) 49/55 (c) 7/11 (d) 28/55 (e) None of these answers is correct
Q20. Suppose you are posted in a remote village of a state from where you are not being able to sanction an education loan of a student who has come with her parents, what will you do?
Q21.What are your weaknesses?
Q22. If 1 is coded as S, 3 as +, 5 as %, 7 as #, 6 as << and 4 as ? state the correct order of the number  435671--- (a) ? + % S # « (b) S # « % + ? (c) ? + % « # S (d) ? + « % # S
Q23. Will you be comfortable in shifting your base in order to work for us?
Q24.How would you respond if I say that you are over qualified for the position you have applied for?
Q25.What would you have to say if we offer you a post at a state in India which is not really considered safe?
Q26.Tell us about your five year goals.

Q27.Tell us about your reasons for quitting your last job.
Q28.Do you have anything to ask us?
Q29.Rate your problem solving skills on a scale of 1 to 10.
Q30.What do you think are your greatest strengths?
Q31.What do you have tell us about your communication skills?
Q32.Share your views about the banking industry with us.
Q33.What is deflation?
Q34.State the difference between commercial bank, nationalized bank and PSU bank
Q35.What is inflation?
Q36.What are the 7 R’s of marketing?
Q37.What do you mean by SLR? What is CRR?
Q38.What do you understand by Reverse Repo Rate?
Q39.State the 9 R’s of marketing.
Q40.What is ULIP?
Q41.Say something about Basel norms.
Q42.Say something about CAR.
Q43.What is Repo rate?
Q44.Share your views on the SBI and SBS merger.
Q45.What is Bank Rate?
Q46.Tell us something about IMF.
Q47.Can you tell us anything about KYC?
Q48.What is microfinance?
Q49.What is forex?
Q50.Tell us something about RBI.

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