Interview Questions for Idea Cellular

Generally there are three rounds of interview conducted at Idea Cellular. The first round consists of an online test that further is divided in to three sections namely Aptitude, Quantitative and Technical. The second round is a Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview combining of general HR and Technical interview questions.

Q1.Why should we hire you?
Q2.If you are hired, can you join us within 15 days or less than that?
Q3.Why is your grade point going down?
Q4.If you are in charge of a project, how are you going to mobilize your team to perform a certain activity?
Q5.What is your take on the current growth of the market?
Q6.How important do you think analysis of information is for carrying out a particular task?
Q7.Why do you want to resign from your current organization?
Q8.Please describe your previous job role.
Q9.There are many candidates out there willing to make a mark in the interview. Who among them do you think deserves to crack the interview, besides you?
Q10.Tell us about some of the major projects handled by you.
Q11.Tell us something about your academic qualification.
Q12.Have you ever worked with a team? If yes, please describe your experience of working with a team. Were you able to motivate your team duly?
Q13.From when can you start working here?
Q14.Why do you want to join Idea Cellular?
Q15.How helpful do you think your previous job role be for the present post you have applied for?
Q16.Tell us what you know about our company, Idea Cellular.
Q17.Tell us about your skills of analysis.
Q18.Do you think that you are perfectly ok with the present work timings here?
Q19.What do you think is your biggest strength? Do you see any room for improvement there also?
Q20.Do you think that you are comfortable enough at working on MS Excel?
Q21.Please share your knowledge about 3G with us.
Q22.How would you rate your will power on a scale of 1 to 10?
Q23.How would you trigger sales in the wake of the present economic crisis?
Q24.What do you mean by filter? What can you tell us about an MIS?
Q25.GSM architecture--- what do you think you can share with us about this?
Q26.BPSK---- what can you tell us about it? Should you choose BPSK over QPSK? Please give reasons for your answer.
Q27.What do you mean by non coherent FSK? Tell us how it is different from a coherent FSK.
Q28.What can you tell us about RF planning? Is there any difference between RF optimization and RF planning?
Q29.What can you tell us about a pivot table?
Q30.Please tell us about the kinds of accounting software that are made use for accounting.

Specific interview questions at Idea Cellular

Q31.Tell us about quantization in detail. What do you mean by Sampling theorem?
Q32.Please differentiate clearly between an FMCD and FMCG.
Q33.What exactly do you mean by accounting standard?
Q34.How would you like to differentiate between MSC and GMSC?
Q35.How would you really differentiate between bridges and switches?
Q36.How would you differentiate between Direct and Indirect taxes?
Q37.Please tell us about different modulation techniques in detail.
Q38.Please tell us what is the tax assessment year amount of the present month.
Q39.What is meant by Audit?
Q40.Are you experienced in working with Tally?

*The interview procedure mentioned above is subject to change.

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