Informatica Interview Questions

General Informatica Interview Questions

Q1.How is it possible to improve the performance of Informatica Aggregator Transformer? How can the performance of an Upgrade Strategy be improved?
Q2.Explain the different look up caches in detail.
Q3.What do you mean by a Code Page?
Q4.State the difference between abort and stop.
Q5.In Informatica how can you load date type of data month wise?
Q6.What are partitions in Informatica?
Q7.How is it possible to find out invalid mappings in folder?
Q8.How does Informatica help in deleting duplicate row? Explain the steps in detail.
Q9.State the difference between source postload and source preload.
Q10.Say something about the DTM process. What do you know about the DTM session?
Q11.In Source qualifier what is the process of joining two tables residing in two different databases?
Q12.What is Dynamic Look up cache? What is Static Look Up cache? Explain the difference between these two.
Q13.What is router transformation? State the minimum number of groups that can be specified here.
Q14.State the difference between indirect and direct loading options in sessions.
Q15.What is active transformation? Explain passive transformation.
Q16.How is possible for the Informatica to know that the input is sorted? When does the selection of sorted input in the aggregator lead to the failure of the session?
Q17.State the difference between data cache and index cache.
Q18.What is unconnected lookup? What is connected look up? Explain the difference between these two.
Q19.State the difference between filter and a router.
Q20.Explain staging. Why do we need it?
Q21.What do you mean by a shared folder? What can you tell us about a target load order?
Q22.State the different types of dimensions which are available in Informatica.
Q23.Name the tools which are used to manage and create batches and sessions and to stop and monitor Informatica server?
Q24.State the different types of Update strategies. Please explain the difference between the types as well.
Q25.What are batches? What are sessions? Please explain both these in detail.
Q26.Can you tell us anything about bulk bind?
Q27.What is Query Override?
Q28.What are bit map indexes? Explain their function in detail.
Q29.State the difference between Global and Local repository.
Q30.What is a delete flag?

Interview Questions for Informatica Developers

Q31. Tell us about your data modeling skills. What kind of experience do you have in working with ERD?
Q 32.Do you have any experience with Oracle RDBMS? Tell us about your PL/SQL and UNIX environment skills.
Q33.Tell us about your experience of working with Power Center Server (v8.6) in Unix and Windows.
Q34. Tell us about your data warehousing and data mart designing abilities. What do you know about Informatica 8.x?
Q35.What are your views about the ETL industry? What can you tell us about performance tuning?
Q36.What do you know about Ralph Kimball? Describe your MS office, Erwin and TOAD skills in detail.
Q37. How would you rate your communication skills?
Q38.Do you have any idea about Ginnie Mae?
Q39.What kind of designing experience do you have in BO?

Q40.What do you know about Inmon and Hybrid?

Interview Questions for Informatica BI Tools Professionals

Q41.Tell us about your Error handling skills.
Q42.Describe your analytical skills.
Q43.What kind of experience do you have of working with Mappings and sessions?
Q 44.Rate your problem solving skills.
Q45.What do you know about the ETL recovery mechanisms?
Q46.What kind of database knowledge do you have?
Q47.Tell us something about Workflow Manager.
Q48.What do you know about Data Profiling?
Q49.Are you well acquainted with the Data Reconciliation concepts?
Q50. Tell us something about migration related to ETL Mappings.

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