Interview Questions for International Business Development Manager

International business development manager is quite a lucrative job in the market today. So, if you are applying for the said position, you need to keep in mind that there is going to be quite a competition. But a little bit of preparation in the right direction can improve your chances to get the job you want. Let’s begin with the interview question. Usually interviewers ask a lot of behavioral questions, to understand your personality and attitude better. However, you may be asked technical questions as well. Hence, you need to be prepared for both. So, here is a set of general and technical international business development manager interview questions to help you prepare better.

General questions for international business development manager interview:

Q1.Describe yourself to help us understand you better.
Q2.How many years of experience do you have in this field?
Q3.What companies have you worked for in the past?
Q4.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q5.How do you overcome your weaknesses?
Q6.Do you plan to continue your education in the future?
Q7.What steps would you take to improve your skills?
Q8.What is your style of management?
Q9.Tell us about your qualifications?
Q10.Have you done any certifications?
Q11.Tell us about your educational and professional achievements?
Q12.How is your reputation as a manager in your previous company?
Q13.What are your present job responsibilities?
Q14.What are your goals for the next 5 years?
Q15.How would you define your success?
Q16.How do you deal with your failures?
Q17.Were you ever asked to resign from a position?
Q18.Give us five good reasons why we should recruit you.
Q19.Tell us about some extracurricular activities you like to get involved in.
Q20.Are there any family obligations you need to cater to?
Q21.How good a facilitator are you?
Q22.Work load can get a little too much sometimes. How good are you at dealing with work pressure?
Q23.Why did you decide to change your company?
Q24.What is your relationship with your co-workers?
Q25.Do you think communication is essential for healthy work environment?
Q26.Tell us about a decision you made which added value to your company.
Q27.Will you be okay if we relocate you at some point in the future?
Q28.Why did you choose international business as your specialization?
Q29.Do you think you’d like to change your line of specialization at some point?
Q30.What are your job expectations?

Q31.Are you willing to work overtime/weekends?
Q32.Which city would you prefer to be located at?
Q33.If we hire you, how would you be a value addition to our organization?
Q34.Have you done any research about our organization? What information could you gather?
Q35.If you could add one thing to your company employee relation policy, what would you like to add?
Q36.Have you ever been in any confrontation with your higher management? If yes, what lead to such a situation and how did it all turn out?
Q37.How many days/months of notice period do you have to serve in the company you are presently working at?
Q38.In case you are hired, when do you think you’d be able to join?
Q39.What pay package are you expecting to get here?
Q40.Do you have any questions for us?

Technical interview questions for international business development manager job:

Q1.What strategies do you think are very effective for increasing profit revenues and expanding company products?
Q2.Tell us about the qualities you think are required to be a great international business development manager?
Q3.Do you think ‘business development’ and ‘sales’ mean the same thing?
Q4.How can you effectively use web for international business development?
Q5.Do you think you’ll be able to develop effective strategies for marketing?
Q6.How can product success be measured?
Q7.Tell us about the job responsibilities of an international business development manager?
Q8. What plan do you have for getting international business?

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