Interview Questions for UK Business Visitor Visa

You can apply for the business visitor visa under the following circumstances:

Sole Representative Visa for Employers
A current trading company with no real presence in the UK can send one of its staff members to the country on a Sole Representative Visa for Employers

Sole Representative Visa for Employees
Companies that donít have an existence in the UK, but are willing to establish their presence in the country can send any one of their employees on this particular visa. If you are one of those employees then please remember that this visa is only supposed to aid the company with its overseas ambitions but will not really help you in bolstering your own personal immigration motives.

EC Association Agreement
This visa will be of help of help when you want to set up your own business in the country, without having investing the usual, and generally prohibitive, £200,000

You can base your basic preparations and arrange necessary documents for the interview based on these questions:

Q1.When will you be travelling to the UK?
Q2.Why do you need to travel to the United Kingdom for fulfilling your commercial purposes?
Q3.How much will the visit to UK benefit your employer or for that you as an employee?
Q4.Who is/are your person/persons of contact in the UK? Why canít you fulfill your commitment by communication with them over phone, emails or video conferences?
Q5.Tell us about the exact location where you would be staying in the country.
Q6.Can you show me the total turnout of your company?
Q7.Who is funding the trip?
Q8.Is your spouse going to accompany you to the country as well?
Q9.Do you have any idea about the entire cost of your trip?
Q10.How would you ensure me that you are not going to settle down in the country permanently after your business program is over?

Q11.Where is your office/organization you are working for?
Q12.Donít you think that your company is sending you abroad too soon, for an assignment?
Q13.Do you have an idea about the production capacity of your company?
Q14.What kind of business are you involved in?
Q15.If you are visiting the UK to attend this business exhibition, can you tell me how it is related particularly to your trade?
Q16.Do you pay income tax on a regular basis?
Q17.Are you going there to attend any training? If yes then tell us about the product on which you would be trained.
Q18.For how long would you be staying in the UK?
Q19.Tell us about your contact person/persons in the UK.
Q20.Why canít your client complete the work without your help?
Q21.From where will you be entering the UK?
Q22.Describe your exact role in the company.†
Q23.How many employees are there in the company you are working/the one that you own?
Q24.How have you been able to secure such an impressive position in the company in spite of having a degree and not a diploma?
Q25.How did you find out about this business training in the UK?
Q26.Can you tell us a bit about your educational qualification?
Q27.Tell us a bit about your company profile.
Q28.Have you ever had attended any kind of conference or exhibition in the past?
Q29.Why are you planning to stay in the country so long? Canít the commitments be done with in a shorter time?
Q30.As the employer of the company, can you tell us why your company has been named thus?

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