Interview Questions for UK Tourist Visitor Visa

As its name suggests, applying for the UK tourist visitor visa implies that you are interested in traveling to the United Kingdom strictly as a tourist and not in any other capacity, viz student, entrepreneur etc.

Though securing a visa depends a lot on luck, it would only be advisable that you donít undermine the importance of due preparations for the same. Controlling the initial nerves and excitement of appearing for perhaps your first visa interview would be key to turning the tide in your favor. You can always devote due time to jot down possible UK visitor visa interview questions and frame answers accordingly. It would be great if you are actually practicing mock interviews alone in a room imagining the interviewer in front, throwing a volley of questions at you.

Key Points to Keep In View while Appearing for UK Visitor Visa

The purpose for which youíre appearing for the visa interview (here, for touring the UK), should strictly be kept in mind while appearing for the interview. Please ensure that youíre duly aware of the top five, six places that youíre going to visit in the United Kingdom. Additionally, do remember not to unwittingly express that youíve plans of exploring your professional chances in the country. Here are a few interview questions to help you:

Interview Questions for UK tourist visitor visa

Q1.Why are you particularly interested in travelling to the United Kingdom?
Q2.How long do you plan to stay there?
Q3.Are you yourself sponsoring the trip or is it sponsored by someone else? If you are not funding the trip then who is doing the same for you?
Q4.Please show me your visitor card.
Q5.Have you have been abroad before? If yes, where have you been?
Q6.Why do you plan to visit the UK at this particular time?
Q7.Do you have plans of working in the United Kingdom?
Q8.Whom do you know in the UK?
Q9.What are you doing at present?
Q10.Has your visa application ever been rejected earlier?
Q11.What is your annual income? Or, what is the yearly earning of the person sponsoring your trip?
Q12.Do you have any relative in the United Kingdom?
Q13.Do you have your son/daughter staying there? If yes, what do they do
Q14.Are your tickets already blocked?
Q15.How much does your son/daughter earn? Is she/he married?

Q16.Do you at all plan coming back to India? How would you convince me that you are actually coming back to the country after the stipulated period of your stay is over?
Q17.What does the person of your contact (daughter/son, in-laws or any other relative) do?
Q18.Are your return tickets bought? Do you have your medical insurance?
Q19.Do you have a credit card?
Q20.How long has the person whom you are going to meet in the UK been staying there?
Q21.Do you have children? If yes, how many of them do you have? Are they going to accompany you to the United Kingdom as well?
Q22.Do you have any idea about the type of visa your son/daughter is on?
Q23.Do you have a job now or are you retired? If you are retired, then for how long has it been so? If you are doing a job at present, how did you manage to secure your leave application?
Q24.If you are retired, how much do you receive as pension?
Q25.What do your children do?
Q26.Who will be looking after your property and business when you are not here in the country?
Q27.Where are your children?
Q28.Are you married? Is your spouse accompanying you as well?
Q29.Are you travelling alone? If yes, then why isnít your spouse travelling along with you?
Q30.What will you be doing in the UK during your stay there?
Q31.Can you tell us a little about your job profile?
Q32.Where are you staying in India at present?
Q33.Which places are you particularly willing to visit in the United Kingdom?
Q34.You said youíre visiting your daughter in the United Kingdom. Is she pregnant?
Q35.Have you ever been to the UK before?
Q36.Did your son/daughter study in the UK?
Q37.Your previous visa application had been rejected. So how are you convinced that it will be approved this time?

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