Interview Questions on JDBC

General JDBC Interview Questions

Q1.What do you mean by JDBC? Share your knowledge of JDBC Architecture. Briefly explain how this application works.

Q2.State the difference between global and local transaction.
Q3.Name all the SQL3data types. Please say something about each one of them.
Q4.State the kinds of JDBC drivers and also say how you can load them.
Q5.What do you know about JDBC statements? How can they be created? Explain JDBC driver interface.
Q6.How can you set up JDBC connections? Mention the steps involved in this process.
Q7.State the major components of JDBC.
Q8.State the difference between TYPE_SCORE_SENSITIVE and TYPE_SCORE_INSENSITIVE.
Q9.State the kinds of resultset in JDBC.
Q10.What can you tell us about the JDBD-ODBC Bridge?
Q11.How will you load a database driver with Java 6?
Q12.“No Suitable Driver”--- what does this statement indicate?
Q13.What is the function of a set Auto Commit?
Q14.What do you know about JDBC 1.0? What do you know about JDBC 2.0? State the difference between these two.
Q15.The JDBC presents statements through different classes--- what are they?
Q16.What do you mean by Prepared Statement?
Q17.Suppose you forget to close a connection in web application--- what is going to happen then?
Q18.State the function of Type II and Type III drivers.
Q19.What do you know about Stored Procedures? How will you get a Resultset from a Stored Procedure?
Q20.How can an image file be inserted into database?
Q21.Is it possible for a single thread to open up multiple connections for the same table and the same database at the same time?
Q22.What do you mean by a Rowset? State its different kinds. How do you differentiate it from a Resultset?
Q23.State the difference between server and client database cursors.
Q24.What do you mean by Connection Pooling?
Q25.Tell us something about SQL.
Q26.What do you mean by dirty read?
Q27.How is it possible to retrieve warnings?
Q28.What is normalization in java.sql.Time? What is normalization in java.sql.Date?
Q29.What do you mean by SQLJ? Do you think it is preferred over JDBC?
Q30.How many statements can you create with a single connection?

Interview Questions for Senior Core Java (JDBC) Developers

Q31. What kind of experience do you have in core Java Coding?
Q32. Describe your Java 5+ skills.
Q33. Tell us about your synchronization and multi-threading skills.
Q34. What kind of knowledge on Unix/Linux can you share with us?
Q35. Describe your Multi-threading Skills.
Q36. How adept do you think you are at Exception Handling?
Q37. Tell us something about Java OOD/OOP. Q38. Describe your RDBMS skills.
Q39. Tell us something about Tibco.

Q40. Tell us something about JMS. Share your knowledge on MQ Series.

Interview Questions for Senior Software Engineers (HTML--- JDBC)

Q41. What kind of ODBC knowledge do you have?
Q42. Tell us about your Javascript skills.
Q43. Tell us in detail about your HTML and CSS skills.
Q44. What kind of scripting experience do you have? How would you like to bring that to the table once we hire you?
Q45. What do you know about Groovy and Python?
Q46. What kind of designing experience do you have?
Q47.Would you be able to work with Open Source Code?
Q48. Do you think you are a good leader?
Q49. Rate your communication skills.
Q50. What do you know about PHP?

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