Interview Questions for Jet Airways

Jet Airways Interview Questions

Q1.Tell us about the most important quality in you that should inspire us to hire you.
Q2.Share with us your ways of handling pressure and stress.
Q3.Why are you looking for a profile at the Jet Airways?
Q4.What do you know about Jet Airways?
Q5.Tell us about some of the recent exploits of our company.
Q6.Tell us how you would react if you discovered that one of the crew members was being insulted by one of the passengers.
Q7.Tell us about one unique quality of your which you think none of the other candidates present here, have.
Q8.Why do you want to join the aviation industry? Do you think you are fit enough for this industry? If yes, why do you think you are ideal for us? If no, which are the areas you think need improvement?
Q9.Once hired, what do you think you can do for Jet Airways?
Q10. What really pushed your career choice as a cabin crew?
Q11.If I say that you do not have the required experience to get through the post you have applied for, how would you like to compensate for this lack of experience?
Q12.Tell us about the services delivered by Jet Airways in detail? What do you think is the current opinion of the public about those services?
Q13.Tell us about your previous job responsibilities in detail.
Q14.Share with us your ways of keeping yourself injury-free and presentable all the time.
Q15.How many of your unique qualities can you tell us about right in this interview?
Q16.What do you think are your biggest weaknesses?
Q17.State how you would react if the interests of the company clashed with your principals or interests. What would you put ahead in that case?
Q18.Do you know anyone from our company?
Q19.Describe your management style in detail. You can give concrete instances in order to highlight your points as well.
Q20.Tell us about your main aim in life.
Q21.What are your five year goals?
Q22.If we hire you how would you work towards translating your past experiences into success for our organization?
Q23.Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
Q24.How comfortable would you be with the idea of relocating if asked to?
Q25.Are you interested in spending the first few months of your job as a trainee?
Q26.Tell us about some of the major mistakes committed by you in your last job. Do you think you have learned anything from them?
Q27.Tell us about the particular qualities you would have looked for into the candidates for this post, if you were the one interviewing.
Q28.Tell us about the achievements from which you derived maximum satisfaction in your professional life.
Q29.How would you describe an ideal team player?
Q30.What will be your next step in case you don’t make it to Jet Airways?
Q31.We can see that you have been flying different kinds of aircrafts with different companies, won’t you feel bored if we ask you to fly only one type of aircraft?
Q32.Don’t you feel you are overqualified for the position you have applied for?
Q33.How will you handle a situation where you find a captain drinking before a flight?
Q34.Have you ever handled an emergency before?
Q35.How would react if you are made to fly with a captain who according to you is plain arrogant?

Q36.Can you tell us about the key qualities that should be possessed by a pilot?
Q37.On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself on integrity?
Q38.What do you think are your greatest strengths?
Q39.What do you think are the limitations of your profile?
Q40.What is your take on the present status of our aviation industry?
Q41.How would you react if I say that you are not well groomed to be part of Jet Airways?
Q42.How would you rate your communication skills?
Q43.How would you deal with a situation when you cannot fly anymore owing to medical reasons?
Q44.Who do you think can be called a bad pilot?

Technical interview questions

Q45.If the running load is 1320 KW, Present P.F 0.76 to 0.8 and 0.98 pf is needed, how can you calculate APFC panel rating?
Q46.Define Balanced Field Length.
Q47.What is V One?
Q48.State aircraft voltage and frequency standard.
Q49.What is the first thing to do if you smell smoke in the cockpit?
Q50.Why do we use 400 Hz for aircraft systems?

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