Interview Questions on JMS

General JMS Interview Questions

Q1.What is JMS? What are its features? How does it work in J2EE? How can queues be configured here?

Q2.State the difference between topic and queue.
Q3.Explain a centralized mom in detail. How is it different from a decentralized mom?
Q4.State the difference between RPC and JMS.
Q5.State the difference between Message Consumer and Message Producer.
Q6.What are the different kinds of messaging? Explain point-to-point messaging in detail.
Q7.Explain the difference between JMS Queue and Java Mail.
Q8.Can you tell us anything about a Connection Factory?
Q9.What is a durable subscriber? How do you create it?
Q10.What is MapMessage? Why is it used?
Q11.State the different steps to receive and send a JMS message.
Q12.What is a header message? How is it useful?
Q13.What can you tell us about the components of EJB architecture?
Q14.Is it possible to send message from one server to another?
Q15.State the different parts of JMS message.
Q16.What is StreamMessage? What is BytesMessage? Explain the difference between these two. What is ObjectMessage?
Q17.Which message types does the JMS support?
Q18.Explain root exception.
Q19.What is a Poison message? How can you deal with it?
Q20.Explain the use of TextMessage in detail.
Q21.Mention some of the subclasses of JMS Exception. What can you tell us about Message EOF Exception?
Q22.How many components of message are there? What are they?
Q23.What do you know about MDB? Can you state its special feature?
Q24.Explain message properties.
Q25.What do you know about persistent message delivery? Tell us about non persistent message delivery as well
Q26.Explain a JMS Selector. What is a JMS Listener?
Q27.What is Message Consumption? Explain the two types of message Consumption.
Q28.Explain the role of JMS in enterprise solution development.
Q29.What is JMS Provider? What is its role?
Q30.What are the advantages of JMS?
Q31.Name some of the JMS products available in the market.
Q32.State the different elements of JMS. Tell us about JMS Session.
Q33.Explain synchronous messaging in detail. Is it different from asynchronous messaging?
Q34.Tell us about a Publish Model in detail.
Q35.How can JMS Connection be handled by Application server?
Q36.What do you know about JMS Administered Objects?
Q37.Explain Java Message Service Specification in detail.

Q38.What do you know about CORBA Notification Service?
Q39.Why do you think a developer should use Java Message Service?
Q40.What can you tell us about destination?

Interview Questions for JMS Developers (Java J2EE)

Q41. Please describe your SQL skills. Tell us about Linux and UNIX skills.
Q42.How will you contribute with your Distributed Computing skills if we hire you?
Q43. What kind of understanding do you have in Cloud?
Q44.Describe your RabbitMQ experience.
Q45.What do you have to tell us about Restful web services?
Q46.What do you know about SOAP?
Q47.What kind of knowledge do you have of DOM and XML?
Q48.What kind of data validation skills do you possess?
Q49.Describe your experience in queuing and messaging.
Q50.What do you know about AMQ?

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