Interview questions for Lab Technician

Q1.Tell us about your 3 year career goals as Lab Technician.
Q2.State the relationship between a physician and a technician.
Q3.Please share your knowledge of the trace metal clean technique.
Q4.What would you like to tell us about your daily routine as a Lab Technician?
Q5.What according to you should be the top 3 skills that a Lab Technician should have?
Q6.What are your ultimate career goals as a Lab Technician?
Q7.Tell us about a time when you had to work completely independently.
Q8.What do you prefer--- working in a team or working alone?
Q9.According to you what is the perfect way to measure the job performance of a lab technician?
Q10.What do you think are your biggest attributes as a Lab Technician?
Q11.How would you respond if I say that you are overqualified for the position of a Lab Technician?
Q12.Tell us about your experience of working in a clinical environment.
Q13.Tell us in detail about the lab equipments which you have used as a lab technician so far in your career.
Q14.Why should we hire you?
Q15.Tell us about a time when you had work under real pressure and elaborate how you handled it.
Q16.Can you tell us the difference between a Clinical Tech and a Lab Tech?
Q17.Tell us about a time when you had to work with a chemical which you had not used earlier--- how did you go about the safety precautions and finding out about the chemical?
Q18.How would you feel if you find that the work environment you were familiar with is changing constantly?
Q19.Can you tell us anything about magnetic wielding?
Q20.What do you have to tell us about your experience of developing the lab sample procedures?
Q21.What do you know about us?
Q22.Suppose you have 1 liter of 5 M solution of NaOH, and you have to make that 2 liters of 0.5 M NaOH--- how would you go about doing that?
Q23.What is suitable infection control protocol?
Q24.What can you tell us about Material Safety Data Sheets? What do you think lab technicians have to do with them?

Q25.How can you control each function of a lab technician?
Q26.Have you ever worked with infectious specimens? If yes, please share your experience of the same with us.
Q27.How would you rate your inter personal skills?
Q28.Can you tell us anything about cell counters?
Q29.Tell us about a situation when you really found yourself uncomfortable in working in a large team. What was the consequence?
Q30.How many kinds of a lab technicians are there? Tell us about them in brief.
Q31.How would you ensure repair of equipments if we hire you?
Q32.How efficient do you think you are at handling confidential information?
Q33.How would you like to rate your problem solving skills?
Q34.Was there ever a time when you had performed exceptionally well under pressure? If yes, then tell us about it.
Q35.Tell us what you have learnt from your past experiences as a Lab Technician.
Q36.What kind of maintenance skills do you have?
Q37.What is the importance of OSHA standard for a lab technician?
Q38.Tell us about your reasons for quitting your last job.
Q39.How important is organizing a work for you? What are the things that you consider while organizing your work?
Q40.Are you proficient in giving trainings?
Q41.How important is cleanliness for you? Or how important do you think should cleanliness be for a lab technician?
Q42.Tell us about the tertiary qualifications attained by you as a lab technician.
Q43.Would you ever find conducting routine laboratory experimental tests boring?
Q44.What would you like to tell us about your supervising skills?
Q45.Why do you think lab records should be maintained?
Q46.What do you understand by quality assurance records?
Q47.What kind of roles have you played while working in a team?
Q48.Which equipment/equipments are you most comfortable working with? Give reasons for your answer.
Q49.Why did you choose to be a lab technician?
Q50.What do you think is your biggest weakness? Are you efficient in buying chemicals?

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