Interview Questions for Marketing Communication Head

Are you nervous about your marketing communication head interview? Well, don’t be. Interviews aren’t rocket science. They are simple and need a little preparation. You just need to know what you should expect and how you should prepare yourself. Here are some questions often asked in marketing communication job interviews. Prepare them well and you should be fine. Interview questions for marketing communication head job:
Q ) Take us through your CV.
Q ) How would you define yourself?
Q ) Tell us about your family back ground.
Q ) Why do you want to leave the company you are presently working for?
Q ) What other companies have you worked for in the past and in what positions?
Q ) Do you think you have enough experience to be applying for this position?
Q ) What were your job responsibilities in your last organization?
Q ) Do you consider yourself to be a good leader? Explain.
Q ) How big a team have you supervised before?
Q ) What kind of relation did you have with you team members?
Q ) How far do you believe you can go in the next 5 years?
Q ) Tell us about some of your major achievements in life?
Q ) How good are you at marketing a product/service/idea? Explain.
Q ) Are there any awards you have won in the companies you have worked for in the past?
Q ) What motivated to take up marketing communication as your specialty?
Q ) What do you understand by the term ‘Marcom’?
Q ) Name the different communication tools you would use to interact with your target market?
Q ) In marketing communication, what is the role of events?
Q ) How well versed are you with different marketing techniques?
Q ) How would you participate in different events, such as tradeshows or exhibitions? How do you plan to get media coverage for the events?
Q ) How active are you in social media?
Q ) Do you think social media can help in marketing communication?
Q ) What is the role of online media in marketing communication activities?
Q ) What are the different kinds of vendors you would have to deal with for marketing communication activities?
Q ) How important do you think is public relations in marketing communication? How do you plan to get it across your audience?
Q ) What determines the effectiveness of marketing communication?
Q ) What is the salary package you are looking at?
Q ) Tell us about the most difficult situation you had while working in this field? How did you deal with it?

Q ) What has been a turning point in your career?
Q ) Do you plan to get back to studies anytime in the future?
Q ) What kind of work responsibilities are you expecting to get, if you are hired for the position?
Q ) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q ) How do you deal with your weaknesses?
Q ) How do you motivate yourself to perform better at work?
Q ) Do you think you will be able to handle all the work pressure that comes with the position?
Q ) How do you deal with disappointments and failures?
Q ) What kind of management style would you like to practice?
Q ) As a manager/head, do you think it is important to communicate well with your team members?
Q ) Do you think as a manager/head it is important to have fun with your team along with work?
Q ) How would you deal with a team member, who is not being able to perform?
Q ) Do you think yourself to be a good facilitator? Explain.
Q ) Do you think a job role like this one would get monotonous for you in future? Give reasons for your answer.
Q ) Does your work ethics match with that of the organization?
Q ) If you are hired, where would you prefer to be located?
Q ) Will you be comfortable working extra hours or on the weekends when necessary?
Q ) If sometime in the future we have to relocate you, would you be willing?
Q ) Are you awaiting response from any other company you have interviewed for?
Q ) How early can you join?
Q ) How much do you know about this organization?
Q ) Do you have any queries that we can answer?

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