Interview Questions for MBA Freshers

Q1. What is the use of the Price/Earning ratio?
Q2. Why did you choose to do an MBA?
Q3. If a customer says no, how will you respond to the situation?
Q4. How would you handle a difficult customer?
Q5. Where is Audit Data stored?
Q6. What are the various steps involved in Payroll Management?
Q7. How does goodwill affect net income?
Q8. What are the steps involved in the conduction of job analysis?
Q9. How can the effectiveness of workforce be measured?
Q10. Differentiate between human resource management and personnel management.
Q11. In order to succeed in sales, which are the three most important skills that you must have?
Q12. If you are given a particular product, will you be able to draw a marketing plan for us?
Q13. What are the challenges you can come across in sales?
Q14. If you are given a product, how would you identify your target market?
Q15. What do you understand by Payroll Disbursements Journal?
Q16. What can you tell us about the accounts payable cycle?
Q17. What do you understand by competency mapping?
Q18. What kind of a workshop would you suggest for feedback skills?
Q19. What do you understand by retention strategies?
Q20. Which are the technologies that can be used to productively reach the clients?
Q21. What according to you are the key tasks of a financial analyst?
Q22. How can online marketing tools be effectively used?
Q23. What are some of the biggest mistakes that you have made?
What have you learned from those mistakes?

Q24. How can Information Technology be used for effective Human Resource Management?
Q25. Why is confidentiality so important in HR?
Q26. Which aspect of Marketing attracts you the most?
Q27. Differentiate between marginal cost and fixed cost.
Q28. What do you understand by the term ‘contingency liability’?
Q29. How would you prepare an MIS report?
Q30. Would you prefer coaching over mentoring?
Q31. What do you understand by Human Resource Management?
Q32. How would you manage changes in Human Resource Management?
Q33. Can a deceased employee be retained on the payroll of an organization to exhaust her annual leave accrual?
Q34. What do you know about our products and services?
Q35. Tell us about a promotion strategy that seemed extremely innovative to you. Q36. Do you think effective communication is vital in marketing?
Q37. What is the role of an MBA in a typical financial market?
Q38. Have you ever done a Quantitative presentation?
Q39. What are the various factors working behind mergers and acquisitions?
Q40. What do you understand by the term ‘authorized share capital’?

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